gin and tonic ice cream parlour

A Gin & Tonic Ice Cream Parlour Is Opening Soon

What could be better than G&T ice cream on a nice sunny day! Well, when we heard about a G&T ice cream parlour that was opening up we asked ourselves this and were stuck for things that were better.

Opening on June 9th for only 2 days (to coincide with World Gin Day on the 10th) the popup parlour will serve gin infused ice cream with a range of toppings such as dried olive, crystallised rosemary and even gin-soaked orange peel!

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Gin and Jam is YUM!

This drink by HonestlyYUM looked too good not to share with you! If you have had a Breakfast Martini and you liked it, this one is definitely right up your street. Unlike the Breakfast Martini, this cocktail is super easy to mix, you just need to make sure you have got the best quality ingredients to get the taste right!

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Gin & Steak Restaurant

Is This Gin & Steak Restaurant Just Up Your Street?


credit: Instagram @andyrj1889

Mixing two wonders of the world, gin and steak, Glasgow-based restaurant Alston Bar & Beef are opening a second brand after the success of their original branch and any folk from Manchester or living nearby will be happy to hear that it is in fact here that they will be opening their new restaurant.

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Distillers Tonic – Designed for the True Gin Connoisseur

Have you heard of this one before? Probably not. Why? Because it is so new that you can’t even buy it yet! This is the tonic water for True Gin Connoisseurs and Distillers to deliver the full taste experience of the botanicals in the Gin. Distillers Tonic has a subtle flavour profile, super-smooth, with just enough lemon and lime zing to ensure the individual flavours of the Gin shine through.

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Chase: from Potatoes, to Tyrrells, to Gin

William’s Gin is the product of the evolution of great British produce, potatoes! It is the 3rd invention of the gourmand William Chase and, as EVERYONE loves the previous two, we are sure that GB Extra Dry Gin and Elegant 48 Gin will delight the most demanding palates.

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gin and tonic ice lollies

Stop Everything, Aldi Launches Gin & Tonic Ice Lollies

Aldi Gin & Tonic Ice LolliesSo with summer around the corner, we’ve never been more excited to hear the news that Aldi has launched Gin & Tonic ice lollies! For all you gin lovers out there these are just perfect for you. You’ll be able to get your hands on a pack of 4 x 80ml ice popsicles for just £2.99, that works out at just 75p per ice lolly and each one contains 11% gin making it’s alc content of 4.5%, so you’ll hopefully be getting that little gin kick with it too! 

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gin curd tart

Grapefruit & Gin Curd Tart with Lemon Thyme Cream Recipe

As much as we love drinking gin, there comes a time when we want to be a little different with it and that’s when we decide that the only sensible choice is to start baking with it! That’s when a friendly gin baker comes into his element. We sent him over our spirit of Cornwall box which includes two Tarquin’s gins and left him to his magic and he came up with this delicious recipe!

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