Gin Cruise

A Gin Cruise Is Coming To The UK Next Month!

Yep, you read that right, there’s a gin cruise coming to the UK and it sounds fabulous!

Run by a company called Dorset Cruise, the boat will sail around the coastal area of Poole in Dorset and you’ve got two different cruise choices to pick from. Both of which take place on board the vintage 1938 boat which looks beautiful it it’s own right but paired with what you get up to on board makes it very special.

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J.J. Whitley’s Gin, The Newbie In The Family

The Gins we’re bringing to you this month are the product of the eighth generation Master Distiller Johnny Neill – the creator of the delicious Whitley Neill Gin! 250 years of distilling experience should be enough to launch a new exceptional range, right? We have tried and tested them for you – the Elderflower and Nettle Gins won’t disappoint!

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The Fever-Tree Story

‘If 3/4 of your gin and tonic is tonic, make sure you use the best’. 

Fever-Tree is one of the top tonic brands leading the way to produce high quality mixers for outstanding spirits. And that is exactly why ILoveGin loves Fever-Tree.

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Green Gin and Tonic

5 Green Gin Cocktails To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a day that’s steeped in history and is widely celebrated not only in Ireland but around the world, you’ll likely see the famous green colour spread around bars, on signs, people wearing green clothing and basically more green than you’d typically see around. That’s why we’ve collected the very best gin cocktails which are green for you to make at home and celebrate the day with.

After all it’s always nice to have an excuse to drink some gin isn’t it!

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Mothers Day Gin Gifts

9 Gin Gifts Mothers NEED this Mother’s Day

zWe all love gin, it’s one of the creations we can be thankful for on those evenings when a G&T is needed after a long day, so when it comes to celebrating Mother’s day (Sunday 26th March, in the UK) we think there is no better way than with gin-related gifts!

So whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your Mum or you’re a Mum yourself and want to give some hints here’s some wonderful ginspiration for you.

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Gin & Tonic 4 Ways

Gin and Tonic 4 Ways!

We all have our favourite gins, you know the one you always make sure you have a bottle of in the cupboard or on the side, it’s the one that when it runs out you have a mini panic! Well how about using that and mixing up the garnishes you use to get new flavours and tastes from it.

The video below shows you how to make your favourite gin & tonic and mix it up four different ways!

Top Tip: If you’ve got a bottle of gin which you’re not a huge fan of this makes a great way to make use of it to try new garnishes and you may end up loving the gin with a particular garnish.

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Earl Grey Martini

Earl Grey Martini Recipe

Sometimes combining two of our favourite things can make something super delicious! So when we first heard about combining gin with tea we thought this sounded right up our street.

This rather British take on a classic Martini involves adding Earl Grey to the mix, now let’s face it, there’s always time for a cup of tea so why not have one in the evening and have some lovely gin in it too!

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The Most Impressive Gin Collections We Have Ever Seen

How many Gin bottles do you reckon one needs to own to have a good collection? And how many should there be in the Gin cupboard to be deemed gin obsessed? We have done some research and our lovely Facebook followers have helped us to reach a conclusion. Variety is important but the display plays a big part in our decision – These are the most worshipped Gin bottles that we have ever come across!

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