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10 Reasons why drinking gin could be good for you!

Do of course take the below with a pinch of salt! We are not medical professionals, and the article is intended as entertainment only. On the other hand, what isn’t made better by a good G&T? 🙂


We’ve all heard a glass of red wine is good for you, but what if you fancy something a little lighter? a spirit perhaps?

Juniper berries are packed with health benefits so it turns out gin is pretty good for you too…if you’re after a healthier (ish) tipple then why not go for this quintessentially British drink.

1. It’s packed full of herbal goodness

Gin isn’t only made with juniper berries, but plenty of other natural botanicals too; angelica root, rosemary, citrus peel, nutmeg, sage, lemongrass; the list is endless, most of which offer a wide range of healing benefits.

2. Its a natural remedy for arthritis

Many people now take gin-soaked golden raisins at night as a folk remedy to prevent inflammation.

3. Juniper berries are packed with medicinal properties

Which can help to combat infection, so simply raise a glass of gin to deal with all manner of bacterial infection.

4. It fights kidney and liver disease

Again juniper berries found in gin are often used as a herbal treatment to improve kidney health.

5. Packed with Antioxidants

Which help your skin look fresher and younger.

6. It’s a cancer fighter

All those antioxidants from the juniper berries help neutralise free radicals in your system.

7. Gin and Tonic is anti-malaria

Drunk by the Brits in India for hundreds of years, the quinine contained in this now quintessentially British drink helps prevent Malaria.

8. It boosts your digestive system

The bitter herbs used to make the gin, help your liver produce more enzymes and the alcohol will create more stomach acid, both aiding the breakdown of the food you eat.

9. Its a low-calorie option

Gin is one of the lowest calorie spirits as well as containing digestive enzymes that prevents bloating. Be careful with what you mix it with as the mixers can be packed with sugar.

10. It can help you live longer 

On top of all the above health benefits, gin is even known to reduce heart disease and this woman is over 105 and puts it down to gin!

So if, like us, you just LOVE gin, then there are 10 perfectly good reasons to drink more; there are hundreds of varieties out there so vary your choice of gin and you’ll gain a wide variety of herbal medicinal benefits!

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*Do of course take the above article with a pinch of salt! We are not medical professionals, and the article is intended as entertainment only. On the other hand, what isn’t made better by a good G&T? 🙂

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  • Johnnywadiii March 10, 2020   Reply →

    I went on the “Tequila Diet” . So far I’ve lost FOUR days!

  • Irving Kough March 13, 2016   Reply →

    Many people avoid gin due to its slightly bitter taste, but that lip-puckering flavor is an aid to the digestive system. The herbs used to create gin can increase both stomach acid secretions and digestive enzymes ; this increase in fluids necessary for breaking down ingested food allows for better digestion.

  • Lyn February 21, 2016   Reply →

    I like frozen grapes in my G/T

  • Margot Dixon February 21, 2016   Reply →

    I love Gin , my mum use to drink it with tonic water , being British she love her G&T . I like to drink it with ice and squeeze of lemon, to get all those herbal favours .

  • Lisa reed February 20, 2016   Reply →

    I don’t like gin

  • Rachael February 19, 2016   Reply →

    Basil,blackpepper and cucumber with ice and tonic added to your gin is bliss

    • Karl Pearson February 20, 2016   Reply →

      Depends on which gin you do this with though, some will be better than others..

  • David Rothwell February 19, 2016   Reply →

    I’ve known this for years. But no one believed me

  • Maggie Maginn February 18, 2016   Reply →

    What is the lowest calorie, lowest sugar intake of a mixer to drink with gin?

    • Lucy February 19, 2016   Reply →

      That’s a tough one. I think there are a number of completely sugar-free tonics on the market. Fever tree’s naturally light tonic is pretty good:

      • Tom February 21, 2016   Reply →

        A little known secret is Waitrose’s own tonic water. . .(essential range)

    • Sam Porter February 22, 2016   Reply →

      drink you Gin with water! all these sugar free alternative tonics are very unhealthy.

    • eliza March 9, 2020   Reply →

      I mix it with grapefruit seltzer,this way I get the bitterness,but no calories,no artifical sweeteners…erc.
      I don’t know where are you located in the world,but one brand should be available anywhere it’s perrier grapefruit.

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