Portable Unique Bars

11 Awesome Portable Bars Ideas For All Your Gin

I’m sure everyone has a little part of their home which they keep alcohol in, whether it’s a cupboard, corner of your kitchen or maybe you have a dedicated bar space. We’ve stumbled across some pretty awesome portable bars which means you can take your favourite gins or other spirits with you to friends homes to that party or on that picnic!

One of our favourite portable bars!

Bike Bar

Another Bike Bar

or how about this hidden bar within a petrol can!

Petrol Can Bar


Why not just turn your boot into a bar!?

Land Rover Bar


or the classic suitcase bar!

Suitcase Bar


If you want one that you can trundle around your home to different rooms then this like Ikea number is for you



This box bar may be quite big and chunky but it serves its purpose

Box Bar

Adding wheels makes all the difference with this one

Portable Bar


Another suitcase bar

Suitcase Bar


This rather classy looking bar is right up our street

Classy Bar


or for those with a larger collection why not just turn your car into a bar itself!

Camper Bar

Have you seen any awesome portable bars? We’d love to see them so comment below or on our Facebook post or tweet us

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