Gin Drinkers are the best

15 Reasons Gin Drinkers Are The Best People

That’s right, we think gin drinkers are the best and we’re going to tell you why! Yes we might be just a little bias as we love gin too but we think the 15 reasons below back up our opinion ūüėČ Agree? if you do you may love our¬†monthly Gin & Tonic tasting club and you can get new gins delivered each month.

1. We love trying new things!

One of the best things about gin is that there are hundreds of different ones out there and although we do all have our own favourites we all love to try new ones!

2. We love enjoying a tipple together

Yes as gin lovers we love nothing more than going round to a friends to enjoy a good chat, good company and a good G&T.


3. We love to experiment

With so many different gins, tonics and gin cocktails we love nothing more than experimenting with different combinations

may-45 copy

4. We’re anything but boring

Heard about a gin festival? maybe a new gin bar, you’ll always be the one suggesting stuff to do with friends or partners… even if they are mainly gin related!

5. We love a good cocktail

from a Martini to Mojitio, we do enjoy a good cocktail especially if it’s got gin in it


6. We don’t just drink it

We think up creative ways to use gin in other ways, from an ice lolly to baking a gin and tonic cake!

Gin and Tonic Cake

7. We love big names as well as small

We’re open minded to enjoy a gin from one of the big names like Bombay Sapphire or from a local craft distillery

8. We can make a drink look stunning

We don’t just shove all the ingredients in a glass and be done with it, we make it in the order we know works and finish it with our favourite additions whether it’s simply a slice of lemon or something more unusual like mango and black pepper

9. We like to relax

Winding down after a stressful day with your favourite drink


10. Family & friends know us well

It’s not unusual for you to get sent a photo of a bottle of gin or a G&T just because they know you love the spirit.

11. We don’t need to tell people what to order at the bar

“the usual?” …. yes please

Yes please


12. We can share our passion with others easily

…no matter who they are

Cats love ginsource: flickrr

13. We have a little thing for beautiful gin bottles

Fishers Gin

14. and sometimes after a few, we struggle to admit we may be a little tipsy


15. in the end we just love gin & we love sharing!

Whether it’s a new gin you tried that you just have to tell your friends about or this very post that you know will strike a cord with your friends on Facebook.

If you love Gin, then you’ll love¬†our monthly G&T subscription, each month we send you 2 new craft gins & 2 new tonics/mixers, so you can discover your new favourites!

Our 1st box

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