Vintage Gin Adverts

18 Unique & Beautiful Vintage Gin Adverts

As lovers of gin we do come across a lot of gin related stuff and one thing that we love is seeing old vintage gin adverts. The classic designs are something that capture our imagination and pretty much every advert we see we wish we had a copy of to frame and put in the ILoveGin office.

Here are a few of our favourites we’ve come across in the past few months, let us know your favourite!
What will the english think of next

Gordon’s have always been one for advertising over the years.

Gordon's Advert

We love the vintage feel of the adverts, of course they weren’t vintage at the time. The advert above is from 1957.

Plymouth gin

Plymouth gin advert from 1964.

Bengal Gin advert

An advert for Bengal Gin from 1967, sadly not available anymore.

Vintage gin

Another ad from Gordon’s.

British gin adverts

An advert for Burnett’s White Satin from 1979.VIntage gordons adverts

Gordon’s classic advert from 1957.

Old gin advert

A beautiful vintage gin advert from Fleischmann’s, 1957 Kinsey Gin

Kinsey Gin produced this humour based ad, we love this one(1946)Dry gin

Gordons (1975)

Vintage Gordons Gin Advert

An advert that’s over 100 years old from Gordon & Co’s (1916)

Next Gin

Gordon’s “What will the English think of next?” advert from 1969
Old gin ad

Another classic advert from Gordon’s Gin.


An advert for Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin from 1976.

Chilled gin

An advert for Gordon’s from 1969.

Martini gin ad

This ad is from 1970 for a brand called Gilbey Gin.

Retro gin advert

Seagram’s Gin produced this wonderful vintage gin advert in 1972.

Scratch and Sniff Gin Advert

Yes there were even ‘Scratch n Sniff’ adverts back in the day for Gin! We say bring these back! (1977)

Photos source and inspiration courtesy of: AlcoholProfessor , Flickrr


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