Green Gin Cocktails st patrick's day

5 Green Gin Cocktails To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a day that’s steeped in history and is widely celebrated not only in Ireland but around the world. The iconic green colour takes over bars, signs, people’s clothing and drinks! That’s why we’ve collected the very best green gin cocktails for you to make at home and celebrate this festivity.

After all it’s always nice to have an excuse to drink some gin isn’t it!


Verdant Lady: Chartreuse, Gin & Mint Cocktail

Chartreuse Gin cocktail

This is quite a strong cocktail but has a unique and refreshing taste to it, you’ll need a few ingredients such as gin, green Chartreuse and a simple sugar syrup but the result is one of our favourite ‘St Patricks’ inspired green cocktails to make this year.

Check out the full recipe here: Verdant Lady Cocktail

Cucumber & Mint Gin Cooler

Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler

You’ll need some of your favourite gin, lime, cucumber, mint and sugar for this cocktail but it’ll be sure to be a hit as its refreshing taste and natural flavours complement the gin well. Plus, it’s pretty easy and quick to make so be careful to not have one too many… It’s one we’ll try out for St. Paddy’s Day but will definitely keep the recipe handy for as it sounds perfect as a summer cooler!

Find the full recipe for this here: Cucumber & Mint Gin Cooler

Green Eyes Gin Cocktail

green eyes cocktail

If you’ve never tried egg white in a cocktail we recommend trying this one, it adds a delicious texture to cocktails that you can’t get without it. If you are a fan already, this one is a sure fire way to get a flavoursome drink with a green tinge! You’ll need gin, lime juice, Chartreuse, simple syrup and egg white to make it.

Check out the full recipe: Green Eyes Gin Cocktail 

Okinawa Green Gin Cocktail

This cocktail looks super green! It is not the quickest to make but it’ll surely please your taste buds. The ingredients you’ll need to mix are bitter melon, sugar syrup, lime juice, gin (we recommend Mor Gin), soda water and some lime to garnish.

Check out the step by step recipe here: Okinawa Green Gin Cocktail


Mor Gin Basil Gimlet

Gin and Basil go together like tequila, salt and lemon! This cocktail is one of our favourites and you should definitely try making it.


And a Bonus Irish G&T with Boatyard Gin and Poacher’s Tonic:


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