Gin and Mint Cocktails

5 Must Try Gin & Mint Cocktails For The Summer

Yes we love gin, yes we love the summer and so we’re a little mad about any type of refreshing summer cocktails especially those that have mint in them! So we’ve found our 5 favourite summer gin cocktails which contain mint (and often cucumber) and put them all in one place for you to look through and decide which (if not all) to make.

Cucumber Gin Fizz

Cucumber Mint Fizz

Delicious and it looks pretty too, this one has quite a few ingredients including Elderflower liquor but it’s certainly something you should try and make at some point, full recipe here

The Verdant Lady (chartreuse, gin & mint cocktail)

Gin Mint Martini

For those that like it a little stronger this summer, full recipe here

Gin Gin Mule

Gin Gin Mule

For those who like ginger beer you’ll love this cocktail, mixing gin, mint, ginger beer and lime together. Find the recipe here

The Gin Cucumber Cocktail (Just like a Mojito)

Mint Cocktail with Gin
You’ll need:

4-5 slides of cucumber
2 sprigs of mint
1 shot (25ml) of simple sugar syrup (2 parts water to 1 part sugar)
1 shot (25ml) fresh lime juice
2 shots (50ml) of your favourite gin


  1. Into a cocktail shaker add 2-3 slices of cucumber and 1 of the springs of mint as well as the sugar syrup, muddle them together and then add the lime juice, the gin and ice.
  2. Give it a good shake until it’s nice and cold
  3. Strain it into your favourite glass, garnish it with the other sprig of mint and cucumber slices.

Credit for the recipe and photo to PopSugar

Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber Gin Cocktail

This simple recipe tastes so good that we want it all year round, head right across to the MinimalistBaker to see the recipe. All you’ll need is gin, tonic, lime, cucumber and mint!

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