7 Really Unusual Gins That Are Actually Delicious!

It is no secret that us Brits like our gin… To satisfy our thirst, hundreds if not thousands(!!), of gins have been launched in the past couple of years and some are REALLY special! Have you tried any of them or do you prefer to stick to your classic London Dry? These actually taste delicious!

Malfy Con Arancia Rossa Gin

This Blood Orange Gin is the latest addition to the range… and judging by how good Malfy Con Limone is, we are sure that it will not disappoint! We can see ourselves making lots of Negronis with this one – it’s a dangerous one.

Kew Gardens Organic Gin

We haven’t tried this one yet but we’d love to… how beautiful does it look?! Dodd’s Gin partnered up with Kew Gardens in London to make produce Kew Gardens Organic Gin. Its peculiarity stands in using seasonal flora from Kew Gardens as part of the 42 botanicals that come from all around the world.

Split Roasted Pineapple Gin

Saying that this one is delicious is an understatement! Boutique-y Gin Company are responsible for creating this one by infusing gin in a pineapple that’s been covered in sugar roasted over a flame. This creates an irresistible caramelised piece of heaven, which they then combine with one of their classic gins. Weather you have a sweet tooth or not you have got to give this one a go…

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin

If tea and gin are two of your favourite things this one is right up your street! Swap the hot water for the tonic and the milk for a lemon peel and this will quickly become the only kind of brew you’ll want to have… Try it in our new Hills and Dales Box or get a full bottle here!


Seaweed Gin

Often known as one of mother nature’s superfoods, Dà Mhìle have created a gin from handpicked seaweed taken from the Celtic coast.  This is a must try, perfect as an accompaniment to oysters and seafood in general! Does it taste of seaweed? There is only one way to find out… get yourself a bottle in the gin shop!

Mulled Cranberry & Tangerine Gin

We’d drink Tarquin’s Seasonal special all year long. Better than Christmas cake in a bottle, this gin tastes like nutmeg, cinnamon, marmalade, glacé cherries and almonds – yum!


Nettle Gin

JJ Whitley have produced a rather unique gin made using nettles, not the first botanical that comes to your mind when you think of gin! It is interesting, in a delicious way. Imagine the fresh smell you get walking in a forest on a summer evening when the sun comes out after the rain bottled… If you’ve not tried it yet we suggest you get yourself a bottle of JJ Whitley Nettle Gin!





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