Mothers Day Gin Gifts

9 Gin Gifts Mothers NEED this Mother’s Day

We all love gin, it’s one of the creations we can be thankful for on those evenings when a G&T is needed after a long day, so when it comes to celebrating Mother’s day (Sunday 22nd March, in the UK) we think there is no better way than with gin-related gifts! So make sure you gift mum some good gin. After all you’re the reason why she drinks… 😜

So whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your Mum or you’re a Mum yourself and want to give some hints here’s some wonderful ginspiration for you.

1. The 4 Floral Gins and Tonics Mother’s Day Gift Set

If mum likes flowers and gin, this is the gift set that combines them in the most delicious way! The gins included are Bloom Jasmine & Rose, JJ Whitley Violet and Elderflower Gins and Silent Pool Gin. They come with Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade and Regency Tonic which perfectly complement the flavours of the gins. Inside there’s also a recipe booklet that tells you a little bit about the story of the gins and the perfect serves to mix your Gin and Tonics to perfection!

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2. A Monthly Delivery of GIN & TONICS!

This is a brilliant way to remind mum who her favourite child is every month! Receiving G&Ts through the post is definitely going to be the highlight of her week. I gave one to my mum last year and all her and her friends talk about whenever I go back home to see them, is how many delicious gins and tonics they have tasted! You can get her a rolling monthly subscription, a 3/6 months gift subscription or if you really want to make her year, a 12 months one too. £14 a month is a small price to pay to see mum happy!

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3. Gin & Tonic Chocolate!

Yes you read that correctly, two of the best things in the world mixed together! When we first tasted this chocolate we all fell in love with it! If you love G&Ts and chocolate then this is a must, and if you’re buying it for your Mum we highly recommend buying some for yourself too so you don’t finish hers!

 Gin & Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic dark chocolate which is made with lemon, lime and juniper oil to give a distinctive G&T flavour! So yummy you’ll want to buy it weekly! 80g bar – £4.00

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Love Cocoa Pink Gin Truffles

Pink Gin is everyone’s favorite at the moment and these are truly delicious and look beautiful! 150g bar – £14.50

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4. Three Gins Sets

If mum loves her gin but is not so keen on the tonic, this is the perfect set for her! There’s lots of different ones to choose from for every taste. I personally love this one in the picture – the 3 Shades of Pink Gins – for the beautiful flavours and colours of the gins included. They all come with lovely, collectible recipe cards that explain the story of the gin and suggest two perfect serves.

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5. 12 British Gins Gift Set

For that Mum who really loves to explore new flavours of gins! If you have something to be forgiven for, this is your ticket out of jail… The box comes with a recipe booklet in which we suggest how to mix all the gins included.

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6. If in doubt, a bottle of Gin

This is always a winner if you know her taste! Check out our Bottle Shop to see which ones are on offer. Don’t forget that if you are a member of the ILoveGin Club you get a £3 discount on all gin bottles!

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7. A Cotton Tote Gin Bag

G&T Lip Balm & Bag

She’ll be the most fashionable lady in town with this one 😉 Cotton, lightweight comes in two varieties. Take your pick between “Oh no, I bought gin instead of bread & milk!” or “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Gin and that’s kinda the same thing!”

Buy the Gin Bag


8. A One Off ILoveGin Box


If you just want to send a single G&T box rather than go for a monthly subscription then we’ve got you covered! Pick the one you know your Mum will love the most… (Pssst. they are on sale too)

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9. Learn how to make a Gin Martini with this cocktail kit

Gin Martini
If Mum is more of a cocktail kind of gal or likes to keep her drinks interesting, this set is what you should go for. She’ll find all she needs to make 6 Gin Martinis/Martinez cocktails with a recipe card to explain how to mix them! Check out the Bramble Cocktail Kit if Mum likes pink gin or has a sweet tooth…

View the Cocktail Kit


So if you’re after a gin gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day then hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration, if you’re a Mum now is your chance to hint what you might want by sharing this post on Facebook!



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  • Alistair July 10, 2020   Reply →

    I was in Australia with my wife for Mothers Day (lucky we made it back before COVID went crazy!) and the kids got her a gin by Headlands that was made using the native Australian juniper berry. She loved it, but I think the Pink Gin Truffles will definitely be on the list when her birthday rolls around. Thanks for letting me know about them!

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