Mothers Day Gin Gifts

9 Gin Gifts Mothers NEED this Mother’s Day

zWe all love gin, it’s one of the creations we can be thankful for on those evenings when a G&T is needed after a long day, so when it comes to celebrating Mother’s day (Sunday 26th March, in the UK) we think there is no better way than with gin-related gifts!

So whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your Mum or you’re a Mum yourself and want to give some hints here’s some wonderful ginspiration for you.

1. The Mothers Day Gin Set

mothers day gift set

Aptly named, this gift set includes one of the ILoveGin boxes (which includes 2 x 50ml gins and 2 x tonic/mixers with a recipe/tasting card), a G&T lip balm, a Gin bag and a bar of G&T chocolate!

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2. A Monthly Delivery of GIN & TONICS!

What could be better than a monthly delivery on gins and tonics to taste, heck we’d like to think of it as the best delivery you’ll get each month and it’s much better than the normal post of bills and junk mail.

Gin Box

The ILoveGin subscription can be bought as an ongoing monthly gift, as a 3 month gift subscription or if you’re feeling a little more generous to your Mother than you can give a 6 or 12 month subscription.

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Yes you read that correctly, two of the best things in the world mixed together! When we first tasted this chocolate we all fell in love with it! If you love G&Ts and chocolate then this is a must, and if you’re buying it for your Mum we highly recommend buying some for yourself too so you don’t miss out!

 Gin & Tonic Dark ChocolateGin & Tonic Chocolate

Organic dark chocolate which is made with lemon, lime and juniper oil to give a distinctive G&T flavour! So yummy you’ll want to buy it weekly! 80g bar – £4.50

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The Gin One – White ChocolateGin White Chocolate

A large slab of white chocolate infused with gin and finished with poppy seeds and lemon peel, delicious and looks beautiful. 150g bar – £6.50

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4. The Ultimate G&T Guide Book

A little light reading, this book has everything you need to know about all the gins and tonics of the world, featuring 400 gins, 50 tonics and over 400 pages it’s a wonderful gift for any gin lover!

Gin Book

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5. Gin Door Mat!

What better way to make an entrance into your home than with your very own doormat like this! It sets the tone perfectly so people know exactly what to bring you when they come and visit!

don't come in if you didn't bring gin doormat

Buy the Doormat

6. If in doubt, a bottle of Gin

You can’t beat a bottle of gin, so whether you know one they love or you want to surprise them with a new one you’ll find a range of unique craft gins in our bottle shop.

bottle shop

 Visit the Bottle Shop

7. A Cotton Tote Gin Bag

When you need a bag which is light and folds up small then you’ll love this handy cotton tote bag, especially with the quote on the front which we all can relate to! There are two different gin quote designs to choose from so take your pick.

G&T Lip Balm & Bag

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8. A One Off ILoveGin Box

If you just want to send a single G&T box rather than go for a monthly subscription then we’ve got that covered too, pick the one you know you’re Mum will love and we’ll get it in the post for you.

Single Boxes

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9. Learn how to make a Gin Martini with this cocktail kit

The classic cocktail that everyone should know how to make, this cocktail kit comes with all you’ll need to make both a Gin Martini and a Martinez cocktail, a wonderful gift to give to your Mum this year, especially if she loves a cocktail and would like to know how to make one and get creative at home.

Gin Martini

View the Cocktail Kit

 So if you’re after a gin gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day then hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration, if you’re a Mum now is your chance to hint what you might want by sharing this post on Facebook.

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