Little Bird

A little birdy told us that this is a delicious gin!

Often the best ideas develop when least expected and Little Bird Gin is no exception. Food, laughter and cocktails brought a group of good friends together one night in Peckham Rye, London. What a delicious gin this is! You just have to try it…


The Story

Gin has always captured the imagination of the Little Bird team!  They had explored, tasted, sipped and meandered their way through the gin that was available at the time. Chatter around the table turned to what an adventure it would be to craft their own gin …and a spark of an idea became a flame and in 2012 the gin was born!

Little Bird Gin is distinctive and handcrafted in micro-batches batches in London, using just 10 botanicals. It is also a London Dry style, meaning no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners are allowed before or after distillation – a little detail that the team feel very strongly about …oh and it’s Vegan too!

Little Bird’s unique blend of pink grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger brings crisp citrus notes whilst 7 more botanicals add to their smooth, fresh flavour!


A design was needed for the new gin that would be memorable but most importantly original. The team wanted to capture their love of all things vintage. They immediately fell in love with the old school glamour and vintage vibe of their newly designed label.  Miss Ginger was illustrated bringing her unique nostalgic style! The little bird tattoo on the vintage-cladd mascot is where Little Bird Gin came from too!

We love stories like this here at!


The Gin

Little Bird’s pink-grapefruit nose is matched perfectly by fresh juniper and dazzling citrus on the first sip. A lively tang on the tongue, gives way to luscious, velvety orange peel with a subtle underlying sweetness and a zesty finish.

Full bodied 40.6% – cocktail strength 🙂


Perfect Serve:

50ml Little Bird
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Place a pink grapefruit wheel into a rocks glass and fill with ice. Pour a generous helping of Little Bird and top with Fever-Tree.

Little Bird


For more info and cocktail recipes from Little Bird, check out their website!


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