Apple Gin

With summer drawing near and the flavoured gin market booming, now is the perfect time to find some new fruity and refreshing gins for the summer.

There’s a whole host of different flavoured gins out there – infusing berries, rhubarb and raspberry, apple and more. Here, ILoveGin takes a look at apple flavoured gins, exploring the top products out there, the perfect serve and more.

What is Apple Gin?

Apple gin can commonly refer to a type of apple-flavoured gin. Distillers create this apple taste by infusing gin with the fruit. This infusion can also include other, additional complimentary flavours; for example, Elemental Cornish Apple Gin is infused with apples as well as a hint of elderflower, helping to balance the tart of the apple with the sweetness from the elderflower.




A flavoured gin differs in definition from a traditional gin. This is due to the fact that with traditional gins, the predominant flavour has to be juniper, otherwise it’s not a traditional gin.

Therefore, flavoured gins are not classed as traditional gins. However, the production process and alcohol content is similar in both – the one integral differentiator being that flavoured gin pushes the boundaries of the typical tastes found in gin, and offering up unique combinations and innovative new concoctions – such as apple gin!


Types of Apple Gin

There are a number of fantastic apple flavoured gins currently on the market, two of ILoveGin’s favourites including:


One Sage & Apple Gin
• Elemental Cornish Apple Gin


One Sage & Apple Gin, launched in 2017 on World Water Day, was created by One Brand as a way to combine their passion for craft gin with that of wanting to make the world a better place.

The gin is comprised of a delicate balance of russet apple, juniper and sage, all helping to deliver a crisp, not overly sweet, apple freshness. ILoveGin detail the gin’s perfect serve as follows:


• 1 large measure of gin
• Pour gin over ice
• Top gin up with premium tonic water
• Garnish: a couple of sage leaves and fresh apple slices.


One Sage & Apple Gin is bottled at 43%, is both vegetarian and vegan, gluten free and is also certified Kosher.

Another one of our favourite apple gins at the moment, Elemental Cornish Apple Gin is infused with apples as well as elderflower. The gin pairs nicely with an elderflower tonic, or with apple juice – creating the perfect Gin Appletini.


Apple Gin Tasting Notes

Tasting notes are great for helping guide us to the gins we like the flavour of best. While the tasting notes for apple gin will usually (and unsurprisingly) always have a dominant apple taste to them, by describing in detail the taste experience of different apple gins, it helps us to distinguish the combinations we may prefer.

Elemental Cornish Apple Gin, for example, describes it’s aroma as a “hint of sweet elderflower with notes of vanilla and brown sugar – quickly followed by fresh tart apples.” with its taste “A well-balanced mix of tart and sweeter apple varieties with a sweet elderflower undertone followed by juniper and a little brown sugar.”

In contrast, One Sage & AppleGin holds more of a wood and orange flavour to it, amongst other interesting notes, detailed as “An overall aromatic nose of fresh and candied apple, freshly cut wood and juniper, with hints of gooseberry and orange marmalade. Leads to a palate of fresh apple, orange peel and soft juniper, mixed spice and Turkish delight.”


Where Can I Buy Apple Gin?

You can find the two apple gins previously explored in this article via our shop – the Elemental Cornish Apple Gin (50CL) selling for £26.10, while the One Sage & Apple Gin bottle sells for £38.


The Cornish Elements Box


We’ve also included an apple gin in a past member’s box from 2020 – The Cornish Elements Box, which came with both Elemental Cornish Gin’s classic dry and apple gin, alongside a light and elderflower tonic from Hartridges to mix with.

For those looking to further their knowledge around this spirit and explore deliciously innovative new gins, why not subscribe to our Gin Club? Members of the club will receive a box each month with 2 miniature gins, 2 complimenting mixers, and information on the gins for that month, alongside recipes, tasting notes and more.

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