Are Gin Clubs Worth It?

Gin clubs are completely worth it if you pick one that best accommodates to what you’re looking for.

There are many gin-lovers throughout the UK who love exploring new and exciting variations of this tipple. However, it can sometimes be difficult finding gins that meet your tastes and preferences without spending a fair amount of money, and unfortunately, some money on bottles you discover you don’t actually like.

Gin clubs help provide a cost-effective way to discover a whole range of different gins, providing just a taste of exciting bottles along with information on the spirits to help members to expand on their gin knowledge, and hopefully find some new-found favourites along the way!


ILoveGin’s Gin Club

Here at ILoveGin, we’ve created a gin club to help gin-lovers discover their perfect G&T. Our gin subscription boxes are delivered monthly and can include new gins and mixers that aren’t in shops.




Our gin club offers up a community for those who love gin to connect, explore and learn more around this fantastic spirit.


What Do You Get in the Gin Club?

What you get will depend on the gin club you opt for. While gin clubs have risen in popularity in recent years, what they offer to members can vary greatly. Therefore, it’s always important to read up on exactly what’s being offered before signing up for membership.

With ILoveGin’s Gin Club, members will receive a monthly subscription box that includes:

  • 2 x miniature gins
  • 2 x tonics or mixers to compliment the gins for that month
  • A recipe card with information on the gins, including the history behind them and tasting notes

In addition to the subscription box, ILoveGin Club members will also get membership perks, including free gifts, member offers and deals with other companies.

With gin clubs like ours, you not only get the benefit of being able to explore a range of great-tasting gins for a good price, but also have access to a whole host of other perks.


How Much Does It Cost?

ILoveGin’s Gin Club costs just £14 a month, with free delivery included, and the freedom to cancel or pause payments at any time.




As what gin clubs offer can vary, so too can the price of them – large subscription boxes with a substantial range of benefits often costing more than those with simpler club offerings.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you want out of your gin club, and how much you’re willing to pay for this. ILoveGin’s gin club offers a substantial range of perks for a great price with a lot of control over subscription cancellations or pauses.


What Discounts Do I Get?

Gin clubs can come with a great variation of discounts. With ILoveGin, club members get discounts on both gins and tonics in our shop, as well as discounts with our partners, including 75% off your first box with Butternut Box, and 50% off selected tests with Thriva. For more on our partner discounts, please visit our page on membership perks.

If you’re wanting to discover new favourite gins, tonics and mixers, gin clubs like ILoveGin’s can be totally worth the money. Find out more on our gin club and how to join here.


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