Blackberry Gin

Blackberry gin is another top creation to emerge from the booming flavoured gin scene, its fragrant sweetness and spectacular shades making it a must to try over the summer.

But while the name may seem simple enough, what exactly is blackberry gin? What does it taste like? And where can you buy it? Here, ILoveGin explore answers to all these questions and more.


What Is Blackberry Gin?

Blackberry gin will commonly refer to a type of flavoured gin, with blackberry being the predominant flavour of the gin.

This type of gin differs from the more traditional types of gin. In order to be classified as a traditional gin the spirit would have to have a predominant flavour of juniper, which is added in during the gin’s creation alongside other botanicals to offer up a distinctively gin-like flavour.

Flavoured gin adds new flavours and aromas to the distilled liquid that you won’t typically find in traditional gins (e.g., blackberry). While both the process of the production and the alcohol content of these flavoured gins are similar those more traditional, what differs is the fact that these new gins won’t have juniper as their predominant flavour, but rather new and previously uncommon tastes. Flavoured gins will often fall under the category of gin liqueurs.


Blackberry Gin Tasting Notes

Although the tasting notes of a blackberry flavoured gin may seem straightforward enough, the precise tastes and flavours offered will vary depending on the type you go for.


tarquins blackberry


For example, Tarquin’s British Blackberry Gin offers up the following tasting notes:

Nose: “Blackberry crumble – Wild foraged berries – warm earthy spice.”

Taste: “Summer pudding – Crisp piney juniper – Sweet frangipani.”

Finish: “Zesty lemon sherbet – Tart raspberry sorbet – Natural sweetness to balance from the wildflower honey.” 

While you may find similar tasting notes in other gins, each provider will have their own recipe to give their own distinct flavour.


Blackberry Gin Recipe

You can make your very own blackberry flavoured gin at home. Here’s one simple and straight-forward recipe to explore…


  • 700ml bottle of gin
  • 350g fresh or frozen blackberries
  • 150g sugar

Step 1: Pour both the blackberries and the sugar into a sterilised, 1.5 litre jar. After this, pour the gin into the jar and swirl it around, dissolving the sugar. Then store in a cool and dark place, turning the jar daily for a week.

Step 2: After leaving the jar for 2-3 weeks, you’ll then strain the mixture through a sieve into the bottle(s) you want the gin stored in. This homemade gin will be drinkable for a year and will maintain its brilliant colour for a few months.

Source: BBC Good Food –


How To Serve Blackberry Gin

Blackberry gin is the perfect addition to a refreshing summer drink, its colour making it great for cocktails as well as simple G&Ts.


Blackberry & Thyme Sparkler


However, as the taste of blackberry gin can differ from product to product, so too can the perfect serve for blackberry gin.

Tarquin’s have created some fantastic concoctions to complement their British Blackberry Gin, including the Tarquin’s Blackberry Bramble – with lemon juice, simple syrup, blackberries and a rosemary sprig – and the Tarquin’s Cornish Blackberry Spritz – with lemon juice, simple syrup, sparkling wine and a lemon twist.

In addition to this, their perfect serve for this gin includes sparkling wine garnished with blackberries and fresh mint.   


Shop Blackberry Gin

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