Blackberry Gin

Blackberry gin is another top creation to emerge from the booming flavoured gin scene, its fragrant sweetness and spectacular shades making it a must to try over the summer.

But while the name may seem simple enough, what exactly is blackberry gin? What does it taste like? And where can you buy it? Here, ILoveGin explore answers to all these questions and more.

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Rhubarb Gin Recipe

There are a number of great flavoured gin recipes available online, including ones for rhubarb gin – a fantastically refreshing and fruity drink to try for summer.

But what exactly is rhubarb gin, and can you make it yourself? Here, ILoveGin explore one great yet simple and easy to follow rhubarb gin recipe, as well as answers to frequently asked questions around rhubarb gin.

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Is Gin Flavoured Vodka?

Yes, in theory gin can be seen as vodka flavoured with particular ingredients. Gin is essentially a neutral spirit that’s been flavoured with juniper berries – Vodka being a neutral spirit.

One of the defining characteristics of gin, which all traditional gins must have to be classed as such by law, is a predominant flavour of juniper. In addition to this, both gin and vodka must have an ABV (alcohol by volume) content of 37.5% or more, as is the case with all spirits.

Therefore, if you flavour some vodka with juniper and other botanicals, you’ll have made gin. This is something that many gin-lovers will try out for themselves, with a whole host of fantastic online homemade gin recipes to try out.

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