The Fever-Tree Story

‘If 3/4 of your gin and tonic is tonic, make sure you use the best’. 

Fever-Tree is one of the top tonic brands leading the way to produce high quality mixers for outstanding spirits. And that is exactly why ILoveGin loves Fever-Tree.

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Gin & Tonic 4 Ways

Gin and Tonic 4 Ways!

We all have our favourite gins, you know the one you always make sure you have a bottle of in the cupboard or on the side, it’s the one that when it runs out you have a mini panic! Well how about using that and mixing up the garnishes you use to get new flavours and tastes from it.

The video below shows you how to make your favourite gin & tonic and mix it up four different ways!

Top Tip: If you’ve got a bottle of gin which you’re not a huge fan of this makes a great way to make use of it to try new garnishes and you may end up loving the gin with a particular garnish.

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Earl Grey Martini

Earl Grey Martini Recipe

Sometimes combining two of our favourite things can make something super delicious! So when we first heard about combining gin with tea we thought this sounded right up our street.

This rather British take on a classic Martini involves adding Earl Grey to the mix, now let’s face it, there’s always time for a cup of tea so why not have one in the evening and have some lovely gin in it too!

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The Most Impressive Gin Collections We Have Ever Seen

How many Gin bottles do you reckon one needs to own to have a good collection? And how many should there be in the Gin cupboard to be deemed gin obsessed? We have done some research and our lovely Facebook followers have helped us to reach a conclusion. Variety is important but the display plays a big part in our decision – These are the most worshipped Gin bottles that we have ever come across!

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Gin School

You Can Now Go To Gin School

If you’ve never thought about going back to school then we think we might just be able to change your mind. How, well this isn’t just any school this is a gin school!

Stop wasting away your days by watching tv when you could be spending your time expanding your mind and knowledge about everything gin related!

The Listoke Distillery in County Louth, Ireland have only gone and opened up a gin school, and you can too get involved in it!

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turbo gin and tonic

If You’ve Not Tried a Turbo Gin & Tonic You Need To Now

Sometimes all it takes is combining two things you love to make something new and exciting. This is the case with a turbo G&T, which combines gin with coffee, specifically cold brew coffee. It’s surprising that these two great things have never crossed paths properly before until now!

Maybe they were just happy to do their own things, whether it was coffee, being there for those early starts, to give you a little energy and then resting itself in the evening whereas gin has always been there in the evenings, waiting for you after a long night. Luckily for us someone decided to put these two things together with some tonic and created what is now known as a Turbo Gin & Tonic!

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Reasons Gin Is Better Than A Boyfriend

16 Reasons Gin Is Better Than Men

I’m sure we’ve all had that moment in a relationship where we’ve thought ‘is this it, is he the one? Could I do better, would I be better on my own?’

When you ask yourself this, the answer to it all is … gin!

Let me explain in 16 points:

1. Gin doesn’t make you cry

It won’t stand you up, it won’t look at other girls, your G&T will have it’s full attention on you! You might have cried into a glass of gin before but this is likely the result of a boy and not the gin itself!

Sad then Happy

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2. Gin’s one and only purpose is to make you happy

That’s right, it’s one job is it to make you smile, in fact it’s the juniper that

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The Human Touch in Tarquin’s Gin

Because we have been drinking a lot of Gin lately, mass-production and the consequent standardisation of flavours has become the norm to satisfy our thirst for this juniper based spirit. Tarquin has brought back the beauty of craftsmanship and we are VERY grateful for it! This gin is produced in tiny batches on the coast of north Cornwall and every batch has a slightly different flavour. Unbottling Tarquin’s gin is pretty much like opening a Kinder egg, you never know what surprise you are going to get but it never disappoints 😉

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