Portobello Road releases new Navy Strength gin and oh buoy it’s good!

Ahoy there gin fans! Portobello Road have added a fabulous new addition to their ginventory – a whopping 57.1% Navy Strength gin!

The Navy Strength is a new and punchier expression of Portobello Road’s original 171 gin, staying true to its flavour profile and core botanicals. At the end of the distillation process, a taste of the sea is injected when a small amount of English sea salt is incorporated into the gin – a very nice nod to the history of this gin variation.

But where does the term ‘Navy Strength’ come from? Well thanks to a lesson by Ginstitute owner and Portobello Road mastermind Jake Burger … I can tell you!

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The best GINger Cake!

A deliciously sticky ginger cake (GINger) had to be done with one of this month’s gins, Opihr! With ginger being one of the spicy botanicals featured in this wonderful gin, it works perfectly in this recipe. Topped with a yummy ginny, orange icing …. it won’t last long in your house!


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7 Easy & Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Gin Bottles

Do you ever buy a gin because it’s packaged in a beautiful bottle?? Then you get home, decide to try some, find that it’s also DELICIOUS and before you know it it’s all gone… Story of my life!!
The last thing you want to do at this point is to throw the bottle away. So what to do with it? If you are a lazy hoarder like me you’d put it back on the gin shelf along with the full ones.
But there’s a better way to show it off and enjoy its looks, or 7…

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101 Ways To Drink Gin

See Gin In A New Way Through Taste & Experience

Gin is not just a drink, it’s a culture. In an era where binge culture, and having everything now-now-now, negates from the notion of sitting back, in good company, in the perfect setting and enjoying a fine drink. Now we are not going on a hipster millennial rant before you decide to navigate away, don’t worry, we are not becoming that annoying “craft beer *wearing lumberjack shirt*) guy. No, we are simply tipping our hat to all your gin lovers out there, those who enjoy an elaborate gin concoction, all the way to the purists who accept nothing else but a simple pour over ice and maybe with tonic. This article is to celebrate you and the wonderful gin culture which brings people together, whatever the season, a reason to be happy, a reason to raise a glass and cheers to good health. From here in London all the way to our friends in Tokyo and beyond, every country has a signature pour and everyone who loves gin has an idea about how it should be served.


Are you a gin purist or a gin scientist?

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