what is gin made from

What Is Gin Made From?

Gin is typically made from barley, wheat, or another base of grain, various botanicals (e.g., Juniper berries) and water. There is a set process in which these ingredients are added to create the gin, which will be explored later in this article.

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Homemade Flavoured Gin Recipes

ILoveGin works with a whole host of experienced craft gin distillers, dedicated and passionate about their gin – all of which are included in our gin subscription boxes. However, while our partners have years of training and experience helping them to master-craft their product, for those wanting to make their own gin at home, the process can be pretty straightforward to follow!

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Apple Gin

With summer drawing near and the flavoured gin market booming, now is the perfect time to find some new fruity and refreshing gins for the summer.

There’s a whole host of different flavoured gins out there – infusing berries, rhubarb and raspberry, apple and more. Here, ILoveGin takes a look at apple flavoured gins, exploring the top products out there, the perfect serve and more.

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