Calories in Drinks

How Many Calories & How Much Exercise To Burn Off 8 Alcoholic Drinks

We all love a little drink every now and again but you may not realise the calories that are hidden within your pint of beer, your favourite cocktail or that glass of wine you have a little too often. We’ve looked into some of the most popular drinks to not only look at the average calories they contain but also how much exercise you’d need to do to burn that off and it makes for some interesting reading.

We kick it off with a look a pint of beer and a glass of wine (175ml) two of the most popular drinks in the UK and the rest of the world, the humble pint of beer varies depending on strength and brand but an average pint (568ml) contains approximately 180 calories and a glass of standard glass (175ml) of red wine typically has around

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Gin Quotes

20 Gin Quotes You Can Definitely Relate To

If you hadn’t guessed already we love gin and if you’re anything like us you’ll be able to relate to one or two of these quotes. Maybe you’ll relate to all of them or maybe you’re friend is a bit of a gin lover and they’ll relate to them so feel free to share it with them.

The classic Gin and Tonic diet!

Gin diet

For the times when a cup of tea just won’t do.Gin or Tea

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gin and tonic cupcakes

7 New Ways To Enjoy A Gin & Tonic

So you’re a fan of Gin and Tonics? Well we’ve just found a whole new way of enjoying them, from replacing your usual lemon with new and exciting ingredients to making a sorbet and experiencing enjoying your favourite gin in a way you’ve never even imagined!

1. Gin & Tonic Floats

Just like the old days with a coke float but a bit more sophisticated with a lime sherbet Gin and Tonic float!

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