The ILoveGin Awards 2019 – Our Members’ Favourite Gins, Mixers and Tasting Boxes!

For each monthly G&T box, we ask our members to rate the gins and mixers they tasted, to let us know know how our selections stack up against the rest of the field. Now that we have combed through all the survey results from 2019, we can present some stats and favourites from the past year of gin drinking!


We ask 2 main questions for each box, featured gin, or mixer:

  1. Rate this out of 5 stars.
  2. Have you bought more, or do you intend to buy more of this?

We ranked all products by their star rating, and broke any ties by the higher percentage of people who intend to buy more. That process led us to a complete list of favourite Gins and Mixers from all our 2019 members boxes, and we’re happy to announce them below!

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Mothers Day Gin Gifts

9 Gin Gifts Mothers NEED this Mother’s Day

We all love gin, it’s one of the creations we can be thankful for on those evenings when a G&T is needed after a long day, so when it comes to celebrating Mother’s day (Sunday 31st March, in the UK) we think there is no better way than with gin-related gifts! So make sure you gift mum some good gin. After all you’re the reason why she drinks… 😜

So whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your Mum or you’re a Mum yourself and want to give some hints here’s some wonderful ginspiration for you.

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13 Creative Ways to Reuse Those Old Empty Gin Bottles (and Other Alcohol Bottles)

When the last drop has come out of your favourite gin bottle it can be a sad time and a hard one when the last thing you want to do is throw them away. We’ve gathered the best ways to reuse and up-cycle those old gin bottles (and any other glass bottle) so you don’t have to ever throw them away again.

So gather all of your empty gin bottles, ask friends for some if you haven’t got any and check out these 13 ingenious and creative things to do with empty gin bottles.


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christmas gin gifts

Our Top MUST HAVE Christmas Gin Gifts 2018!

Okay so you know you want to buy a your friend or loved one a gin style Christmas gift … but where to start?
From gin baubles to Christmas crackers to boozy advent calendars, the huge pool of gin gifts is an absolute minefield.

Don’t worry though we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of our top picks categorised by needs such as budget requirements, type of gift
and your recipient’s juniper preferences!

Browse our “What to get when …” guide to help you choose that perfect present
for your friend/loved one this Christmas!

(PS we’re currently having a sale on a couple of our items. Probably worth checking out right?)

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A Gin Tour Of The UK- The UK’s Finest & Secret Gin-erys

A Gin Tour Of The UK- The UK’s Finest & Secret Gin-erys

We are a nation of classy and innovative Gin drinkers and the UK is dotted with some global quality bars that specialise in that thing we hold so dear. . . Gin! After a tipple or 2, we thought to ourselves, I wonder how many secret Gin-erys there are around the UK, I mean some bars wish to remain secret but just like a terrible tabloid journalist in an ol’ timey news office, “We are busting this story wide open” and bringing some of the UK’s best kept secrets to you fine people. No doubt you have a favourite spot to visit in your local area but we thought, why not make our way around the UK.


A Place Of Gin Worship- A Secret Speakeasy

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7 Easy & Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Gin Bottles

Do you ever buy a gin because it’s packaged in a beautiful bottle?? Then you get home, decide to try some, find that it’s also DELICIOUS and before you know it it’s all gone… Story of my life!!
The last thing you want to do at this point is to throw the bottle away. So what to do with it? If you are a lazy hoarder like me you’d put it back on the gin shelf along with the full ones.
But there’s a better way to show it off and enjoy its looks, or 7…

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