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Check out Cornish Elemental’s new look! 🌊

Elemental was one of the first gins to be exclusively distilled and bottled in Cornwall in over 300 years. Elemental make a delicious range of gins, including an Apple Gin which is perfect for Autumn. We absolutely love their new branding… it definitely makes you want to rush down to Cornwall and drink their gin on the beach!


The Story

It all began in 2013. The first drops of gently steeped organic spirit, a product of months of alcohol alchemy, made their way from the copper still into the first glass bottle. Elemental Gin was born.

One of the first gins to be exclusively distilled and bottled in Cornwall for over 300 years, this classic, premium, beautiful-in-its-simplicity gin, won over the palates of the discerning, the experimental and the impartial alike. An artful blend of 12 carefully-sourced botanicals combined with a mastery of gin-making, came together to make Elemental an award-winning staple of the Cornish gin scene.

And then, seven years later in early 2020, on the eve of a country-wide lockdown, Nicki and Joe Woolley arrived!

Cornwall always seemed to draw them back. Sometimes in life the stars align, and for them, this happened when they came across the opportunity to become the new owners of Elemental Gin.

Driven by determination and thirst for adventure, they uprooted their little family – chaotic toddler in tow – stepped away from the 9-5 grind and embraced everything Cornwall and Elemental had in store.

Clean, fresh and proudly bearing its Made in Cornwall seal, Elemental Gin is produced in their distillery at the bottom of the garden. They capture the essence of Cornwall in every bottle, from using locally-sourced ingredients like Cornish spring water from Bodmin Moor, right down to the element inspired branding wrapped around every bottle. It’s because of these strong Cornish roots, that they are always looking for ways to keep Elemental as low-impact on this place as possible.

The duo are excited to continue making a product that people love, pouring their time, love and energy into taking something special to the next level, and breathing new life into Elemental Gin!





The process

The recipe was developed by Elemental’s founder and a self-taught master distiller back in 2013. From start to finish Nicki and Joe continue crafting each bottle on-site in their family-run distillery.

How the magic happens

They start by steeping warm organic spirit and locally sourced Cornish spring water from Bodmin Moor with a heady blend of 12 of the finest botanicals from around the world. Left overnight to release their vibrant flavours and delicate oils, they then strain the liquid before firing up Tenna (fire), Norvys (earth), Awel (wind) and Dowr (water), the four 40-litre traditional copper stills.

The stills are heated gradually and sealed with dough. These traditional distilling techniques take longer and requires patience, but for the characteristic smoothness, it’s worth the wait. At Elemental this is a hands-on labour of love, so in every single batch of around 90 bottles there will be subtly delicious differences – a true mark of craftsmanship.

Once bottled, labelled and sealed – all by hand of course, it’s time for Elemental’s signature spirit to be shipped, sipped and savoured!


 The Gins

Elemental Cornish Gin

Elemental Cornish Gin is produced in small batches, handcrafted in a traditional copper still using locally sourced Cornish spring water. Their classic gin is exceptionally smooth and fresh, with plenty of citrus on the nose and a gentle spicy finish.

Try it in a gin martini or with Indian tonic and a slice of orange or grapefruit peel.


Apple Elemental Gin

The classic Elemental gin infused with apples and a hint of elderflower (its sweetness balancing the tart apple).

A fantastic summer gin, delicious paired with elderflower tonic, neat over ice or with a good apple juice for a Gin Appletini.


Raspberry Elemental Gin

Based on the award-winning Elemental Gin, the Raspberry Gin is sharp and zesty, beautiful with either tonic or lemonade accompanied by fresh mint leaves. A great alternative to Pimms!

Elemental’s fruit-led gins are packed with flavour, without the added sugar. To get the perfect balance, they keep it super simple and mix 100% fruit juice with Elemental’s Classic Gin, for a fruity, fragrant and sophisticated finish.


To find out more about Elemental Gin, you can visit their website

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