…because we all know someone who loves gin!

So we’ve made the ultimate guide to buying them a gift this year!

The ILoveGin.com club delivers a new box with two new gins and two tonic/mixers to try, you can see examples in the photo above. Previous boxes have included everything from classic old tom gins to sloe gins from companies based in London to those in Belgium! We’ve also sent tonics/mixers such as BTW tonic, Fentimans Rose Lemonade and even an alcohol tonic water!

For the ultimate gin lover, there’ll love you forever if you gift them a gift which keeps giving and that’s exactly what the 4 gifts below do! You can choose to give them a recurring monthly delivery of new gins & new tonic/mixers, a 3 or 6 month subscription or if you’re extra nice to them and give them a whole year of deliveries!

For the Ultimate Gin Lovers

Maybe the person you’re buying for enjoys more of the cocktail side of gin, well look no further than these wonderful gin based cocktail kits, contains ingredients to make your favourites along with variations you’ll be sure to find your new “go to” cocktail! Plus each comes with a recipe card so you’ll know exactly how to make them!

It’s Cocktail O’Clock

Okay so maybe your friend, sister, mum or someone else already has a lot of gin and you don’t want to be that person buying them more, well maybe you can get them something gin related without actually being gin itself! We sourced everything from the complete guide to gin and tonics to our best selling G&T lip balm!

More Gin Gifts!

Still stuck for a gift to get them? Why not let them make there own mind up with a ILoveGin.com voucher, they can spend it on whatever they want from membership, to full size bottles of gin or anything else from our shop!

Here are some more gifts that those who love gin will adore!

People LOVE receiving our gin gifts and boxes

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What do ILoveGin.com members get?Mayan Fever Box

We’re a club full of gin lovers and everything we do is based around gins and tonic/mixers, each month we work with different companies to create a G&T box, in each box will be two gins and two tonic/mixers, for example one month we sent out two Hayman gins (1 x Dry Gin and 1 x Old Tom Gin) and then these were accompanied by a 6 o’clock tonic water and a Pedrino alcoholic tonic water.

Members get to try these new gins and tonics without having to buy full size bottles and all in the comfort of their own home. We also give our members exclusive discounts at our online shop, meaning they can buy full size versions, gin products and gifts all at lower prices than non-members.

When do I get it?

We send the box out at the end of the month, this means you’ll typically get it in the last week of the month (perfect timing for when it’s been stressful and you want to relax and try a new G&T!)

If you’ve got any questions feel free to email us, ask us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.