Distillers Tonic – Designed for the True Gin Connoisseur

Have you heard of this one before? Probably not. Why? Because it is so new that you can’t even buy it yet! This is the tonic water for True Gin Connoisseurs and Distillers to deliver the full taste experience of the botanicals in the Gin. Distillers Tonic has a subtle flavour profile, super-smooth, with just enough lemon and lime zing to ensure the individual flavours of the Gin shine through.

 Its Mission

In recent years, the market of tonic waters has been filled with new variations of the classic with all sorts of flavours. Distillers Tonic aims to put the brakes on this trend and make your G&T more about the G than the T. This new tonic range gives justice to each and every nuance of flavour in the gin.

The Story

This tonic water is only 16 days old. Launched on the 4th of May 2017, it comes in 2 varieties, Original and Dry. This new company has purchased the recipe from 6 O’clock tonic and made some tweaks to launch two varieties. It has been designed to deliver the taste of the spirit as the distiller intended – low in sugar, lower carbonation, and the flavour is subtle. It goes very well with any gin and it is made with all natural ingredients.

The minute we tried it at HQ we knew that we HAD TO let all of you gin superfans know about it… and so we have included it the Distiller’s Choice Box for our members in May.


The Taste

Distillers Original Tonic

It is the classic version, lower in sugar than most regular tonics. The quinine is complimented with a hint of lemon and lime to make it extra refreshing.

Distillers Dry Tonic

This is the tonic water that the distiller would use in his G&T. As the name suggests, it is distinctively dry, crisp and has 50% fewer calories than the Original.


Are you a gin lover too?

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