You need to try this Limited Edition Double Dutch tonic!

Originally Dutch but born in the UK, Double Dutch tonic is the result of the love for superlative drinks and excellent concoctions. We love their whole range, and think their Spices & Oakwood Limited Edition tonic is must-try!

The Story

From 2014, the founder twins Joyce and Raissa, started their search for innovative flavours for their tonic water that could elevate the spirit as a mixer and be equally delicious when enjoyed on its own.

How It Started

At UCL University, the twins found the choice of mixers in the capital as poor as the British weather and started to experiment making their own sodas. The findings they had gathered, (part of their masters dissertations!) confirmed the demand for all-natural, guilt-free and boldly flavoured mixers on the market.

Thanks to the investment and mentoring received from UCL for winning The Bright Ideas Award, Joyce and Raissa were able to kick-start the research and commercialisation of their tonic waters.


The Science Behind the Flavours

Just like a sommelier chooses to pair a particular wine to a dish to compliment its flavour, the twins analyse the chemical components of the food and the spirit to decide which go best together.

The aroma compounds are identified and quantified to detect what ingredients have the same intrinsic properties. When these are blended together, a perfectly balanced, delicate and refined soft drink is created which “enriches spirits with the finest of flavours”.

The Range

Spices & Oakwood Tonic

A Limited Edition tonic that we have in June’s box! Mixed cinnamon, cloves, star anise and nutmeg with sweet vanilla give a lingering warmth. This tonic doesn’t contain quinine, so it’s perfect as a healthy adult soft drink as well. Enjoy Double Dutch Spices and Oakwood limited edition tonic with a gin that has spicy botanicals, such as Cassia Bark or Cinnamon!


Watermelon & Cucumber Mixer

This fruit and it’s veggie companion are both part of the same plant family, and both super refreshing! The savoury flavour of the cucumber brings out the sweetness of the watermelon (and vice versa) which goes really well when mixed with a dry, citric gin. Your G&T will taste bright – slightly sweet, with a fresh and cool scent. Garnish it with mint and a slice of cucumber to make it extra cool.

Slimline Indian Tonic Water

If one of your New Year resolutions is drink healthily this is the soft drink for you. While it reduced the calories compared to the Indian tonic (60% less), the flavour is still bold, and with no compromise. The aromas of the grapefruit, juniper and quinine come together nicely and leave a rounded aftertaste. Garnish your G&T with grapefruit zest and cheers to Dry GINuary!


Indian Tonic Water

This tonic water satisfies even the palates of the tonic-water-haters. The Twins achieved this by brightening the top of the quinine flavour with pink grapefruit and then we deepened the lower notes with a subtle hint of juniper berry to round out the angularity of quinine and lengthen the finish of the tonic, reducing the bitter after-taste to which many people object.


Pomegranate and Basil Mixer

Often considered to be a superfood, pomegranate has a complex flavour profile that straddles sweet and tart but also offers a tannin note that brings body and structure to cocktails. Basil, in the anise family, has always been renowned for lifting acidic flavours such as tomatoes and in a soft drink its peppery top note is a superb counterbalance to pomegranate, delivering a complex, exotic mid-taste that supports rather than overwhelming a mixed drink.


Cranberry Tonic Water

It might sounds like an overpowering mixer but it is not at all. The bitterness of the quinine is balanced sweet’n’sour of cranberry, both followed by ginger’s warm spiciness lingering lovingly on the pa

late. Blending a light summery aroma with a warm earthy finish, this new flavour was created in collaboration with Maison Hennessy Cognac to be the soulmate for all dark spirits!


Ginger Beer Mixer

Double Dutch Ginger beer is one if the most flavoursome and spicy around! Dutch provides. Three different gingers combine to offer a complete taste experience: the first is spicy with a peppery base, the second has a peppery, citrus note and the third is a sweet, earthy flavour with a light zesty finish. Finally, the lime notes, keep it fresh.


Soda Water

The, water comes from the North of England for its health benefits and pure flavour. It is carbonated by using two salts, Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid, to provide the perfect balance of fizz and bitterness. The Double Dutch soda water brightens any cocktail and is refreshing to drink solo.


2016 was a good year for Double Dutch, the company won the “Best Premium or Adult soft drink” category in the World Beverage Innovation Awards. The 91% repurchase rate must tell us something about the quality of these drinks…


Check out Double Dutch’s Website for more!


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