Hayfever Gin

Is Hay Fever Driving You Crazy? Try Drinking Gin!

As if we needed another excuse to pour ourselves a gin & tonic… Yet, we have found one! A study carried out by the Asthma UK charity has found that drinking clearer spirits such as vodka and especially gin are “better options” for those suffering from allergies and hay fever. Read on to find out why!

It’s been known and proved that drinking alcohol will generally make your symptoms of hay fever or asthma worse, this is because of the histamine content that is present in the alcohol and that is created during the fermentation process, this can make your body react more to allergies. However, it is drinks-after-work season and we all love a refreshing tipple after a long day in the office!

Another bonus point for gin comes from the fact that it contains zero sulphites, which can provoke allergies and asthma. The “evil” ones to avoid if you don’t fancy sneezing your way through the evening, are red wine and beers which can contain high levels of histamines as well as cider and white wine which have higher levels of sulphites.

Studies also found that it’s not just your drinks that you need to think about, certain foods should also be avoided, especially those that are fermented, aged cheese, citrus fruits and cured meats amongst others. Oh and that dearly loved avocado on toast that you have?! You may need to think twice about having that as well for high levels of histamines!

So if you’re fed up of taking a daily antihistamine tablet to stop your eyes watering, nose running or cold like symptoms then why not consider switching that glass of wine, pint of beer or other drink for a nice cold refreshing G&T!

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