fentiman's Botanically Brewed Beverages

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Drinks

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages are made with all-natural ingredients without any artificial sweeteners, and specially brewed with botanicals for extra flavour.

What is botanical brewing exactly?

We’re glad you asked, it’s a rare talent! Botanical brewing is a combination of infusions, blending and fermentation of natural ingredients. Thomas Fentimans original botanical brewing method takes seven whole days – there’s no rushing in botanical brewing as this time-honoured technique requires concentration and focus. The result is an authentic drink with a richness and a superior depth of taste!

First of all the chosen botanicals are crushed and placed into copper steam jacket pans to extract the finest elements of flavour. The botanical extract is then filtered into a wooden vat where it is left overnight. This will help the live yeast to develop. The yeast is then removed the next morning and the live liquid is left to ferment in the wooden vat a while longer.

This is how Fentimans beverages has been brewed since 1905. It is this process that produces the depth of flavour, the sensation and rich texture which are the hallmark of Fentimans drinks today.


Geraldine Coombes, Fentimans in-house Flavourist

Fentimans in-house Flavourist, Geraldine Coombes creates flavours using a combination of science, technology, innovation and of course, good old instinct. She carries out and oversees the whole process, where more than 50 tonnes of flavour produced every year Fentimans HQ.

Geraldine taste buds are key to her work and she can’t afford to do anything to risk them. This means nothing heavily spiced or seasoned during the week and breakfasts that are light and relatively flavour-free. And it’s not just her tastebuds she has to take care of, but also her sense of smell. Within the flavour department at Fentimans, there is a no perfume rule because it distorts your ability to smell something.

Geraldine’s responsibilities are to work with botanicals and natural base ingredients like ginger root to create the range of flavours on offer in the Fentimans range today. She believes it’s a mixture of having a scientific mind, but with a lot of artistic creative flair as well, and having that combination.

Tonic Waters

Fentiman’s Tonic Water is made with a blend of herbs and lemongrass extract. Lemongrass is the dominant flavour over quinine, yet it still has strong herbal notes to it. This zesty tonic is fizzier than most tonic waters, and it works great with G&Ts.

Fentiman’s Light Tonic Water is made using the same recipe as their tonic water, it just has 30% fewer calories. The flavour is still refreshing and citrusy.


Did you know Fentimans Rose Lemonade contains REAL rose petals?

Rose Lemonade

Rose Lemonade is one of Fentimans most popular drinks (it’s included in October’s ILoveGin box!) and is more than just a beautiful colour. It uses pure Rose Otto Oil from the world-famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. The harvesting of the rose petals happens in a narrow window of time, occurring just once a year. The rose petals must be picked by hand at sunrise when they are at their most fragrant, with the oil extracted within hours of picking. The result is a delicate and distinctive rose flavour. It delivers a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique aroma.

Over the year’s people have enjoyed Rose Lemonade in many ways, on its own and also with an array of premium spirits. With the explosion of craft spirits, consumers are looking for premium mixers to complement these. A lot of people look for tonic water alternatives to mix with their gin and Rose Lemonade has seemed to fill this thirst! It’s a must-try!

Tonic Water

The world’s first botanically brewed tonic water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which creates a refreshing and unique tonic water. The Guardian describes it as: “Very special… in a G&T it’s perfection!”.

Garnish the Gin and Fentimans G&T with a slice of grapefruit and a spring of basil.

Connoisseurs Tonic Water

This versatile tonic has been specially created with a delicate infusion of natural botanicals and quinine for a clean and balanced taste. The delicate flavour profile enhances and amplifies the beautiful botanicals of premium spirits, letting the spirit be the hero!


Ginger Ale

A distinctive but light ginger taste with the addition of orange and herbal infusions of Galangal and Cinnamon gives this ginger ale a fullness of flavour. Fentimans gets its ginger root all the way from China to make its botanically brewed ginger base.

Use it as mixer for your G&T and bring to make it spicy and bold. Add 2 thin slices of apple as a garnish to balance the sweetness.

Ginger Beer

The hot and fragrant ginger root is knows to have powerful antiemetic health benefits. Its versatility means that it is widely used as a medicine and it is also a popular spice in food and drink. Fentimans use Chinese Ginger root in their beverages!

Used as a mixer in your G&T it works a treat with a slice of lime.

Other Drinks

Fentimans have a range of tonic waters, including Botanical (a complex mixer containing a delicate combination of floral and herbal flavours), Valencian Orange and Pink Grapefruit!

You might have come across Fentimans Curiosity Cola or Cherry Cola before, they have both non-alcohol and alcoholic (gluten-free) versions. Fentimans has experimented with several exciting botanicals to create a range of soft drinks: lime and jasmine flowers, dandelion, burdock, elderflower, Seville oranges and juniper berries. All well worth a try!

Fentimans also joined forces with Bloom London Dry Gin to create pre-mixed alcopops. You can choose from Rose Lemonade & Bloom Gin and Bloom Gin & Tonic, both 6.5% ABV.


Find out more about Fentiman’s on their website.


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