Gin Cream Eggs

You can now get Gin filled Cream Eggs!! And they look delicious…

And the inventor is… James Cadbury is the great-great-great grandson of Mr. Cadbury himself, who’s been feeding our appetite for good chocolate since 1824.

Us grown-ups have never really stopped loving Cream Eggs… and we are not-very-secretly extremely jealous that all the kids get lots!

This year with the 100th anniversary of the Cream Egg approaching, James from Love Cocoa wanted to celebrate this iconic chocolate egg with some delicious remakes. At Love Cocoa he makes some great G&T Chocolate already so with the help of the world-class, award-winning chocolatier Gabriella Cugno using the finest ingredients he’s created these 4 different Dream Eggs.



It takes a whole 3 days for Love Cocoa to produce 300 eggs. Each egg has a “yolk and white” which are made separately from scratch using the finest, freshest ingredients from Broadway Market in London. Once the chocolate is set in shape they add their creamy chocolate ganache and unique ‘yolk’ centre. They stick the two halves together and BAM game on! In each box there are 4 eggs of four different flavours…



The Gin Dream Egg
A gin lover’s dream. A fresh juniper berry infused yolk centre awaits as you eat through the dark chocolate shell and luscious white chocolate ganache. Hand-finished with a blue painted shell, this is what Easter Sunday is made for!

Made with Passion (and a bit of mango) Dream Egg
This fruity hand-painted yellow egg is our personal favourite with its passion fruit yolk oozing out through the surrounding creamy rich white chocolate ganache topped with a milk chocolate coat.

Nutty Praline Dream Egg
A nutty chocolate lover’s dream, this pink praline egg is the crème de la crème of Dream Eggs. A hazelnut chocolate yolk surrounded by sumptuous milk chocolate ganache and encased in a delicious milk chocolate shell.

Salty Caramel Dream Egg
Bite through the dark sea salt chocolate shell to get to the velvety caramel yolk, which bursts through the creamy milk chocolate ganache surrounding it. Dressed in speckled orange, this is not one for sharing!

You can find these on Love Cocoa website, get yours before they sell out!


If you like your Gin in liquid form, why not organise a mini Gin hunt? Check out this video to see how we have done it!


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