Gin hot toddy

Gin Hot Toddy

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be catching a cold! A hot toddy is also known as hot whisky in Scotland, but this recipe with gin is the perfect pick-me-up! We recommend using Pink Pepper Gin due their their wonderfully warming botanicals such as honey and tonka beans. 


Hot toddy recipes vary and are usually to warm you up in wet or cold weather. Some people believe the drink relieves the symptoms of a cold! In How to Drink, Victoria Moore describes the drink as “the vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, the alcohol to numb.” You definitely don’t need a cold to drink this gin hot toddy recipe though, it is delicious for any chilly evening…

Gin Hot Toddy recipe

Ingredients (to serve 1)
50ml Pink Pepper Gin
Boiled Water (about 50ml)
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

To Garnish
A pinch of crushed Pink Peppercorns
Orange slice (dehydrated is best – follow our easy instructions for them here!)



Add 50ml of gin in a teacup, small mug or heatproof glass. Top up with about 50ml of recently boiled water. Squeeze some runny honey in and add 20ml of fresh lemon (you can add more honey if you like more sweetness). Top up with more hot water if your cup isn’t filled.

Stir and add your garnishes of pink peppercorns and orange. You can of course alter these to suit your tastes! A cinnamon stick or star anise are also delicious as garnishes in a hot toddy. Enjoy!

Tips: Use recently boiled water and drink while it is hot! Add honey a little at a time (you can always add more if you require more sweetness). Don’t drink while taking other medicines for your cold.


Check out the video below to see how easy this recipe really is! 



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