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You Need To Make These 3 Gin Jam & Marmalades Right Now!

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a boring time of the day, put away that bowl of cereal and make one of these gin jams or gin marmalade and grab your favourite bread, toast it and spread a thick layer on and enjoy!

Strawberry Gin Jam

Okay now we’d first like to apologise as we know this will make you crave some scones with cream and strawberry gin jam on but we’ve got some great news, the strawberry gin jam is easy to make and you only need gin, strawberries, sugar and lemon to make it! (Optional lavender to make the gin infused with strawberries & lavender). You will need to make the gin (15 mins) first and then after that you can start making the jam (20 mins).

You might be surprised that it’ll get eaten fast so why not make extra, check out the full recipe here and the strawberry & lavender gin here

Strawberry Gin Jam

Damson Plum Gin

If you’re a fan of damson jam then this is one for you, you’ll simply need damson plums, some gin, sugar and lemon juice and it produces this delicious dark red jam which you’ll quickly want to have every day. Finish it off by keeping it in a nice jar and make a label like in the photo and people will be shocked to know it’s all homemade!

Check out the full recipe for this Damson Plum Gin Jam here

Damson Gin Jam

Gin & Lime Marmalade

If you’re more of a marmalade fan over jam then this is the recipe for you, the gin & lime marmalade only requires you to have limes, water, gin and sugar however it may take a little longer than other recipes to make however it’ll definitely be worth the result!

Check out the full recipe for this Gin & Lime Marmalade here

gin and lime marmalade

Let us know which you’d love to make, if you’ve made one let us know how it was or if you’ve got another recipe you enjoy making.

Bonus Cocktail – Breakfast Martini

You’ll need:

  • 1 x Spoon of Marmalade
  • 50ml of Gin
  • 15ml of Triple Sec
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice


  1. Add the gin and the marmalade into a shaker and muddle until it’s mixed
  2. Add the triple sec and lemon juice
  3. Add ice to the shaker and shake well
  4. Strain into a martini glass and enjoy!

Or as an alternative you could use Chase Marmalade Vodka like the photo below.

Breakfast Martini

Don’t forget to share this with your fellow gin loving friends too!

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    Hi! Every time I attempt to retrieve the gin and lime marmalade via the link (or try to find it) it seizes up and stays in a loop. Can I get the recipe for a hard to please relative? I’d appreciate it very much, thanks so much! Vicki

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