Gin and Jam is YUM!

This drink by HonestlyYUM looked too good not to share with you! If you have had a Breakfast Martini and you liked it, this one is definitely right up your street. Unlike the Breakfast Martini, this cocktail is super easy to mix, you just need to make sure you have got the best quality ingredients to get the taste right!

This recipe uses raspberry jam but you can experiment with others that suit your taste. We could see this working well with peach jam if you are in the mood for something summery and sweet or orange marmalade to get cozy on a gloomy day.

We suggest to pair the kind of jam you choose with a gin that is made with botanicals that complement its flavour or with a neutral London Dry to be able to taste distinctively all the ingredients.

All you need to make is cocktail is jam, lemon juice, gin, and simple syrup. If you’d like to add a little sparkle to it, top it with soda water 😉

Click here for the full method/instructions and more info and photos on how to make it…

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