The Gin Journey: A Must For All Gin Lovers!

I have wanted to go on the Gin Journey in London for ages now, so I was extremely excited to get on board last week! The Gin Journey is a posh bar crawl round town with ALL the gin… you are taken on an educational gin-fuelled tour whilst experiencing some incredible cocktail bars. We ginned our way around London, but they have Leeds and Newcastle tours coming soon as well!

I am not going let slip exactly what happened on the Gin Journey as that would ruin the surprise! However, I will let you know why I really enjoyed the evening.

I met the group and ‘The Gin Boss’ Leon at 6.30pm at a hidden gem of a bar in East London. What I really loved about the evening (other than the gin) was the cool bars I would never have found/gone to on my own. With a group size of about 20, it had an intimate feel and everyone enjoyed chatting to each other. We were chauffeur driven by Gini-bus to five bars including a working gin distillery. Throughout the evening Leon kept us entertained by sharing his knowledge of the history and production of gin. I must admit I thought I knew a lot about gin, but Leon had everything covered and I learnt loads of facts!

I was very merry by the end of the evening, as there were delicious gin cocktails and samples of gin at each venue. Everything is taken care of! You won’t need to order a drink yourself all night and there is an area reserved for the group in each bar.

Like me, London is gin mad, so they run the Gin Journey in Shoreditch, Bermondsey, as well as Notting Hill. They are all similar tours, you just get to see different parts of London and try different gins. Outside of London, other destinations include Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds.



















The Gin Journey London is both a midweek and a Saturday event. During the week it starts at 6.30pm, finishing at 11pm. On Saturdays it begins at 2pm and finishes at 6.30pm. Food is available on every tour but not provided (the food we had was incredibly delicious). You are informed of your meeting point a week before the event.

The tour costs £63 per person on Wednesdays and £74 per person on Saturdays. For any additional information or enquiries please email [email protected] 

Thank you so much Gin Journey! I cannot recommend this experience enough. It really is a must for all gin lovers!


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