Is this the hardest UK distillery to travel to?



Westward farm is a proper family affair. Aiden and his wife Grace, and his parents Mike and Christine all chip in to help with all parts of the family business, which includes essential oils, toiletries, applejuice and cider, eggs, and more! They even rope their 2 children, Joss 7 and Thea 3, in to picking the gorse flowers! Our favourite product from Westward Farm though, is of course their Gin!

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Toby (ILoveGin’s founder) subbing in for Johdi the Gintern here! This one was certainly a tough distillery to visit, but since I was nearby I felt like it was a must-see. Perhaps the hardest UK distillery to visit?

Tucked away in the middle of St Agnes, one of the 5 inhabited “Isles of Scilly“, 30 miles off Land’s End in the UK. I happened to be on holiday on a neighbouring island, which took a 5 hour train from London, bus transfer, tiny 8-seater aeroplane flight, jet boat, and a tractor trailer to get to where I was staying! On top of that, a 30 minute journey in a hired boat from one island to the other was the final step, before a 5 minute walk into the centre of the island to track down the farm. What a place!

Aiden greeted us at the door and showed us in to the 25L still, sitting in the corner of a clean room next to bottling machines, carbonation pumps and more. This place doesn’t just do Gin, and in fact they started off making essential oils for toiletries, before adding applejuice and cider into the mix.

Aiden showed us their stock shed, and pointed out the single remaining 5cl bottle of “Wild Wingletang” gin, their most popular creation so far. We know what’s top of our list to buy when it’s back in production. A few cases of each of their other gins sat alongside each other, ready t head out to various pubs and restaurants around the islands, and further afield.

We headed out to see the geranium bushes that were growing the key botanical for one of their other varieties, and had a bit of fun filming the farm from above! See the video below for more.

Westward farm’s various gins, as described by Aiden:

Scilly Gin
Our Scilly gin brings together some of the worlds finest botanicals, from Java and Africa to our own fields. We gently vapour infuse them with a pure grain spirit in tiny batches, producing just 28 bottles at a time, ensuring that none of the amazing flavours are lost. Our small batch, single shot technique means that each batch is subtly unique, extracting the best of each botanical. This is a fresh vibrant gin with citrus, juniper and peppery notes that is perfect with a top quality tonic or in a cocktail.

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Rose Geranium Gin
We have been growing and distilling rose geranium for it’s essential oil at Westward farm for many years. We absolutely love it and really wanted to use it in a gin. We extract the geranium as a single botanical, then blend it with our Scilly gin in a perfect marriage of juniper and geranium. A warm floral spirit that really showcases the beauty of rose geranium. We love this gin straight up with a wedge of lime, on the rocks….. or on the beach in the sunshine. It equally holds it’s own in a G&T.

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28 Miles Gin
Our 28 miles gin is a constantly evolving seasonal gin that showcases the botanicals that we have growing throughout the year. We grow a range of plants for their essential oils which we use in our 28 miles soaps and cosmetics. We match these home-grown, local botanicals in our still with others from around the world for a range of interesting, flavoursome gins.
When Toby visited in August 2017, 28 Miles Gin was Chamomile.

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Wild Wingletang Gin
St Agnes’ Wingletang Downs are named after the ‘Whins’ of gorse and ‘Tangs’ of kelp that are found there. We wanted to capture the amazing aroma of the gorse in the glorious Scilly sunshine. To do this we collect gorse blossom on a sunny spring morning and distil them as a single botanical in a vacuum. This means that we can work at a low temperature so that none of the fantastic flavour is spoiled. Green, nutty notes come through from the gorse blending perfectly with the spiciness of our other botanicals. This is a gin that really stands out and is equally as good straight up with some ice as with a quality tonic.


We’re desperately waiting for the gorse to flower again as so many people are asking for our Wild Wingletang gin. At the minute it is flowering on some of the islands but none up here! We may have to venture over to Bryher (one of the neighbouring islands) to collect some!

Check out our visit in the video below:


After a “hard day’s work”(!) we headed back to the house for a taste of their delicious Scilly Gin & tonic. Beautifully garnished with a lemon wedge and pink peppercorns, it was the perfect drink to stand a gaze at passing sailboats and birds flying overhead in the summer sun.

Many thanks to Aiden, Mike and family for showing us around!

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