Holly's Gin Bottle

Holly The Gintern has her own gin!

I have made my own gin and need your help!

I can’t believe I am finally announcing this because it has been a long journey so far, but Holly’s Gin is available to pre-order NOW


My passion with gin started when working at a Dolly’s Gin Palace in Cornwall. This was about 8 years ago and I actually had my eyes set to create my own gin then. However I felt I needed more experience in the industry. I moved to London and spent many hours working in pubs, bars, gin festivals, as well as a role as a gin brand ambassador. I even started drinks blog,  however it was landing my dream role as The Gintern earlier this year that finally gave me the confidence to go ahead with Holly’s Gin!


Being The Gintern really is the best job ever and I still can’t believe it is work! My journey so far has influenced my own gin massively, from the design of my bottle to the botanicals I used to create the recipe.

The Design

I was very fortunate to work with my talented friend Ryan on the design of my bottle, as well as Allied Glass believing in my madness! I love anything Art Deco and have a fascination with this era. I really wanted to give the bottle an antique feel. The frosted green really stands out, and I love how the gold shines in the light. The shell logo was inspired by my love of Cornish beaches and the gold leaf design has some of my key botanicals added in! The design is actually printed onto the bottle itself which really looks fantastic. 


I love London Dry Gins and just knew I had to make one!  I also wanted to use some unique botanicals and create something a little different. There are 9 botanicals in total. The 3 key ones are Orange, Gentian root and Passion Flower. I actually drank passion flower tea for years, as it is recommended for its calming benefits. The flower looks pretty cool too! It doesn’t taste too floral but perhaps similar to Meadowsweet. There is definitely an earthy, rich aroma. The gin itself is fresh, vibrant and perfect with a premium tonic water!


It was very important to me to have my recipe distilled in my treasured home county of Cornwall. After a meeting with Trevethan Distillery, I knew I wanted it to be made there! Not only do they have Art Deco inspired bottles with a history dating back to the 1920s, but John the distiller has so much expertise and has been fantastic at knowing how to scale up my recipe correctly. This is something that was trickier than I first thought! With the help of John and the team, it tastes wonderful. John will be using their two 300L Copper Pot Stills, called Doris and Rose. Each still will produce around 300-350 bottles each. I will be bottling and sticking the back labels and seals on myself, so you really know it is handcrafted!  

Pre-order now! 

I am crowd funding to make the first batch and make sure the bottles go out before Christmas.  All the money raised will go into the production (bottles, labels, corks, distillation, duty), as well as helping me actually get the gin out to you! This is a true labour of love but I am very excited! The support I am receiving means the absolute world to me.  I am doing this on a very small budget, and it is an all-or-nothing campaign, but I am determined and just know everyone will enjoy my gin as much as I do!

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