Holly's Gin

How I made my very own gin!

It’s been a whole year since my Crowd Funder to distill Holly’s Gin! Now on batch 004 and gearing up for my second Christmas, I thought I would share my story with you!

The Story so far

My passion with gin started when working at Dolly’s Gin Palace in Falmouth, Cornwall (whilst studying for my history degree). This was nearly 10 years ago and I actually had my eyes set to create my own gin then. However I felt I needed more experience in the industry. After a big move to London and many hours working in pubs, bars, gin festivals, and a role as a gin brand ambassador… I still couldn’t get making my own gin out of my head!

3 years ago with a lot of support from my family and friends, I started Holly’s Gin. It is a very personal gin to me, which is why I simply chose to call it Holly’s Gin!


I created the recipe myself from scratch, making sure it was a gin I would want to drink over and over again. The recipe itself took 2 years to get right!

It was very important to me to have my recipe distilled in my treasured home county of Cornwall. After a meeting with Trevethan Distillery, I knew I wanted it to be made there!  John, Trevethan’s Distiller uses traditional methods, and upscaled my recipe beautifully. Once distilled, I give it the taste test, then fill and label my bottles, handwriting the batch numbers on each one too! Each one is made with so much care and I really hope you enjoy my gin as much as I do! 😊


Holly’s Gin won Bronze at IWSC (IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition) this year, which I am so delighted about! It was a very tough year with hundreds of gins applying, so to be recognised in the category is wonderful.


The Gintern

Most of you reading this may be following my story as The Gintern for ILoveGin.com! This was a viral job advertised a couple of years ago for a gin lover to visit distilleries and create gin recipes and content. I couldn’t believe I actually landed my dream job!  My journey has influenced my own gin massively and I am so grateful for all the support from the team and gin club members!

I am delighted to say that Holly’s Gin is featuring in November’s Ilovegin members’ box! I can’t wait to see what you all think!

The Gin

Holly’s Gin

I love London Dry Gins and just knew I had to make one!  I also wanted to use some unique botanicals and create something a little different.

There are 9 botanicals in total. The 3 key ones are Orange, Gentian root and Passion Flower. I actually drank passion flower tea for years, as it is recommended for its calming benefits. The flower looks pretty cool too! It doesn’t taste too floral but perhaps similar to Meadowsweet. There is definitely an earthy, rich aroma. The gin itself is fresh, vibrant and perfect with a premium tonic water!



Holly’s Perfect Serve

​Plenty of ice
Double measure of Holly’s Gin (50ml)
Good quality Tonic Water (light tonics work really well!)
Fresh orange Peel


If you would like to find out more about my journey and my gin, please check out my website or instagram page! I LOVE hearing from you! 

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