Perfect Gin and Tonic

How to make the perfect Gin and Tonic

I simply love the sound of ice clinking against the glass and the fizz of the tonic as you pour yourself a drink at the end of a long day..

But there is so much more to a G&T than just being a refreshingly boozy offering that involves a shot of Gordon’s, topped with Schweppes Slimline tonic and maybe a slice of lemon if it’s there. Here’s how to make a perfect G&T every time:

Perfect Gin and Tonic

The perfect G&T…

Preparation is key. You need to make sure you have everything to hand so when it comes to making the drink it’s easy and stress free. Here’s what you need…

  • Large clean highball glass or balloon glass if you’re feeling fancy (big red wine glass will do!)
  • Plenty of good quality clear large ice cubes straight from the freezer (this will chill the drink quicker resulting in less dilution and keeping it colder for longer)
  • Bottle of your favourite gin – I love Sipsmith – It’s bold, complex and aromatic.
  • The finest chilled tonic water (Fever-Tree is best and using the 200ml bottles means it is always fresh)
  • Fresh lime
  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Bottle opener
  • Long spoon/stirrer



1. Start with the lime. When cutting your lime into wedges  cut through the circumference of the fruit then, whilst resting the flat area on the board, cut the two halves into four wedges (cut across the segments). You should end up with eight perfectly formed wedges. Place one in the bottom of the glass, with a little squeeze if you like your G&T citrusy.

Tip: If you don’t happen to use up all your lime wedges in one go place them in a sealable container and pop in the freezer. This way they are ready to be used next time as lime flavoured ice cubes.

2. Grab a bottle of Sipsmith around the neck and if you’re lucky enough to have a barman’s pourer in your bottle then turn it upside down over the glass and count to five. This should give you a double measure (50ml). If you don’t fancy freepouring or don’t have a pourer the grab a jigger (measurer) and pour yourself a healthy 50ml.

3. Next up, fill the glass to the top with large ice cubes and stir for a few seconds with the long spoon.

4. Open your chilled bottle of Fever-Tree tonic water just before you need it so it’s lovely and fizzy then pour 100ml over the ice. Let the bubbles settle then stir for a couple of revolutions to mix the drink and create a consistent flavour. If needed, add more ice cubes to bring the water line to around 1cm from the top of the glass then add a second lime wedge (not squeezed) perfectly positioned on the top of your tipple to add aroma and visual appeal, but little extra flavour.

Photo credit: TheBar

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