Inginius Tonics are Genius!


Tailored Tonics are hand-crafted tonic waters lovingly made in small batches by Inginius. They use the finest natural ingredients to complement and enhance fine gins. There are so many different styles of gin available now that each tonic is tailored for different flavour profiles! 

The Story

Inginius Tailored Tonics were developed in collaboration with a celebrated cocktail and gin bar in the west of England. These range of tonic waters were specially made to complement the enormous range of small-distillery and craft gins that are available and enjoyed by gin lovers!


They really are handcrafted! Andrew weighs out and mixes the ingredients at his home, and then takes the peel bags and syrup to Holden’s Brewery in Dudley, on the fringe of Birmingham. Andrew is a one-man band before the process of bottling, carbonation, labelling and packing at the brewery!



Inginius say that their aim is “to encourage people to really appreciate and enjoy the qualities of the gins they are drinking”. There is less sugar and a little less quinine in their tonics (a lot less quinine in the Citrus Sweet) so the flavours of the botanicals in the gin aren’t overwhelmed. 


The Tonics      

Classic Tonic

This is tailored for London Dry gins, and contains less sugar than other equivalent tonics. This allows the flavours of the gin to come through.

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, a classic tonic water with quinine. The Inginius Tailored Tonic Classic tonic water complements the flavours of a London Dry gin without overpowering it. Production is a slow and intricate process involving the careful soaking of citrus fruit peels and the mixing with other ingredients to strike just the right balance of flavours.

Our recommendation is to serve this tonic water with Liverpool Gin!


Citrus Sweet

Tailored to complement Old Tom, Genever, floral, and citrus gins.

This tonic water is also delicious on its own, with ice and a dash of bitters. With a variety of rich citrus and botanical ingredients (but no more sugar than our Classic tonic), the carefully-crafted, small-batch Citrus Sweet tonic combines beautifully and elegantly with a variety of sweeter gins.


Our recommendation is to serve this tonic water with Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin!



Each tonic is extensively taste-tested by the Inginius development team and you can really tell! There are hundreds of exciting craft gins available and each one be enjoyed to the fullest with these tonics. Inginius advise that a gin can achieve its full taste potential by finding the right mixer to bring out its individual and special qualities.


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