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Mainline Spirits – Western Star Gin

Western Star Gin (40% vol) is Mainline Spirits finest triple distilled juniper led London Dry Gin, with hints of raspberry and elderberry.

The Story

In October 2020, Rich and Terri Hudson moved into a beautiful but very forgotten and rundown farmhouse. Once they had moved in to the listed building, the history started to emerge.

Through documents, word of mouth and official records, they found that the farm was in fact quite an important place of it’s time. With acres of orchards and land, growing all sorts of fruit, the farm was in the wrong place for not only the canals but also the railway being built by the infamous Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The Great Western Railway purchased the land and built a broad gauge track in 1842 across the farm. This is what is now know as the Great Western Mainline from London to Penzance. Rich and Teri were fascinated by the history of the farmhouse, and after many months of planning they converted a former poultry shed into what is now the distillery.

180 years to the day of star class locomotive ‘Western Star’ steaming into Taunton, Western Star Gin was launched alongside the Great Western Railway.

Memories are evoked of travelling to school, or with parents or even grandparents on a steam engine, and going on those summer holidays to the beach via a railway.

After 22 attempts, the final test sample came off the 150l copper still, and it was decided that it embodied the essence of the railway.

The botanicals such as juniper, meadowsweet, raspberry leaf and elderberry are all hand foraged along the railways.


Western Star Gin Label
North Star Train

western star Gin

The aroma is of piney juniper, with a raspberry note and faint woody finish almost reminiscent of red berry tea.

It’s taste is savoury with subtle spiciness and hedgerow berry and is designed to be paired with a raspberry or elderflower tonic which enhances the natural botanical elements and works well with lemon.

Western Star is made with passion and time, the botanicals are steeped like a cup of tea to release the true aromas and oils before being added to grain spirit and infused for 48 hrs before being redistilled. Once out of the still it is left at 96% for 7 days before being cut back, allowing the gin to settle and mellow into what you are now tasting.

Mainline Spirits was only ever intended to be a very small scale “home producer”, however after winning a high scoring Gold medal from Taste of the West just 16 days after launch, it was decided to ramp up production.

Enjoy Western Star Gin with Sekforde Raspberry, Rose & Sage Soda and fresh raspberries with a slice of lemon, or simply over ice.

Making the signature serve


Add the ice to a large hiball or copa glass


Add the Western Star Gin & Sekforde Raspberry, Rose & Sage Soda


Add fresh raspberries along with a slice of lemon


Western Star Gin

For more info about Western Star Gin, check out their website

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