Mother’s Day Gin Gifts

She’s that special person in your life and mother’s day is the day you can say an extra thank you to her for everything she has done for you. Gin makes for a wonderful gift but don’t just buy any bottle, why not give her a mother’s day gin gift she’ll love such as one of our monthly gin boxes. You can give either a one off or 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of membership.

The Monthly Gin Membership – a gift that keeps giving

Valentines Day Gin Gifts

Our monthly G&T box is one of our best selling mothers day gin gifts and you can select from the below options or simply head to our shop to buy individual boxes

3 Months Membership | 6 Months Membership | 12 Months Membership | Monthly Membership

When you join us we’ll send you a box each month, inside you’ll find 2 x 50ml miniature gins which not only look lovely but gives you the chances to taste the gin without having to buy a full bottle, you’ll also get 2 x tonic/mixers which are unique, so you’ll be able to try these which make a big difference to your G&T! In the past these have included the likes of a Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon tonic to Pedrino which is an alcoholic tonic.

Give the gift of a monthly gin membership

Imagine being able to hand over one of our gin boxes to your mum on mother’s day and tell her she’s got another two coming in the following two months, this is what you’ll get if you opt for 3 month membership to A truly unique gift to give to your mum especially if she’s a big gin fan like we know many mums are.

You can see our previous boxes above and each month we create a new box with new gins and new tonics to try, meaning your mum will be able to taste new gins and new tonics every month as a gift from you.

Gin & Tonic Lip Balm, £3.50

G&T Lip Balm

Mums often have a lip balm in their bag and so why not mix two things that they like together, well the G&T lip balm does exactly that, not only is it handy at protecting your lips during colder weather, it also has a lovely taste to it.

One of our Gin Bags , £12

Our range of cotton tote bags are super useful, from taking to the shops when you need to pick up some essentials to popping to the gym. With two different funny gin quotes on the front you can choose which you think your mum would love or give her both.

The Gin & Tonic Guide Book, £15 members, £20 non members

Gin Book

If you’re mum is into her gins and tonics then why not get her a little reading material to go with it, the G&T book has all you need to know about some of the best gins and mixers that you can find, plus loads of useful information, recipes and more.

Gin gifts for mums

She’s looked after you from when you were a baby up till now and she’s done a great job, mother’s day is a great way to show your appreciation. If you’re looking for gin gifts for her then look no further, we’re all about unique gin presents which she’ll love.

Gin gifts for mothers

Buying a membership to ILoveGin is a great gift to buy for mothers, not only is it something that will keep giving (depending on how many months you buy for her) but it’ll feed her gin love with new bottles each month plus we’ll open up her mind to the world of tonic and mixers which have a profound affect on your enjoyment of your favourite G&T. We bet she’ll quickly become a big fan of trying new tonics as well as gins.