Navas Cornish mixers are delicious!

Navas was born in a bar in Mousehole, Cornwall. After a long walk around the headland, the founders popped into the Ship Inn and noticed that whilst there were many excellent Cornish spirits, there wasn’t a choice of Cornish mixers…

The Story

Like all good things, Navas started over a conversation in a bar. After a long walk around the headland near Mousehole, a fishing village not far from Land’s End, friends stopped for a drink in the local pub. While sampling the abundance of beautiful Cornish gins and spirits, they questioned why there wasn’t a great choice of natural mixers to accompany them. So, Navas set about changing this. Taking advice from local distillers and using water from the Cornish Moors, they decided on the type of mixers and the range they wanted to create.

A family and friends-owned business, Navas came to life on the sleepy unspoiled riverbanks of the Helford River. Surrounded by deep sheltered valleys, ancient oak forests and hidden creeks, their name is taken from the small creek village, Port Navas.

Navas use the purest granite-filtered Cornish water, and work with the highest quality ingredients, to create a 100% natural Tonic that compliments the distillers craft, not overpowers it. Navas’ focus is on creating drinks that bring out the character of the spirits they are paired with.

Navas are also partnered with the Eden Project and 1% of the Planet to support their aims and ensure they are doing the best they can.

The Tonics

Navas currently have three tonics, a ginger beer, ginger ale, and soda water.


Wonderfully crisp tonic, lots of citrus with floral neroli and aromatic bergamot, blended with the bitterness of quinine and woody notes from the cinchona bark.


Blending the same natural ingredients of their Premium Tonic, with dominant flavours of pink grapefruit, lemon and bergamot, Navas have replaced cane sugar for fructose.

The result is a Dry Tonic, crisp and refreshing that highlights the quality and mineral taste of the Cornish Spring Water.



Fragrant tonic with aromas of pine, wood and sweet earthy notes from rosemary and thyme, combining with layers of citrus, for a rounded and balanced tonic.


If you would like to learn more about these wonderful mixers and find some delicious pairings, head over to the Navas website


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