Organic Panda Gin is perfect for Summer! 🐼

 Panda is a premium gin that is distilled and bottled in Belgium, 100% organic and the first one worldwide to be lychee-based. Absolutely delicious and perfect for enjoying in the sunshine!

The story

Panda Gin (also known as Panda Bio Gin) is the first organic gin to use Lychee fruits – the fruit of a tropical Chinese tree.

The gin was created by 4 friends, who in 2017 experimented with their recipe on a 30L alembic still. After several months they created the first sample of Panda Gin. They decided to call the gin Panda because the animal is native to China, just like lychee.

In addition, the word “Panda” is said in all languages and the white and black bear is greatly appreciated by all!

Today, Panda Gin is made in Radermacher distillery in Belgium. After 3 years they sell in numerous countries such as: Japan, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Estonia and Denmark.




The Gin

As well as the beautiful bottle, this is a very unique gin, completely organic and lychee-based, along with cherry, orange peel, basil, rosemary, star anise and juniper in the mix of botanicals.

The gin is blended with water from Hautes Fagnes highlands before bottling at 40% ABV.This is a delicious fruit-forward gin, perfect for the summer!


Delicate attack with sweetness and lightness evolving towards a warm and fruity blooming.


Refreshing and fruity bouquet owes its subtlety and complexity to the secret mix of many spices and herbs selected by hand.





Panda Organic Gin is best enjoyed neat on the rocks (to unleash the full flavour of its botanicals) but is also an ideal base for cocktails and the classic gin & tonic.

50ml Panda Gin

150ml Neutral Premium Tonic

Fill glass with ice, add the Panda gin, complete with the Tonic.


Basil leaves or a sprig of thyme




If you would like to find out more about Panda Gin and try some of their delicious cocktail recipes… head to their website!


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