Bloom Jasmine & Rose Gin


Bloom Gin is distilled at the G&J Distillery in the North-West of England. They really know their stuff as they have been producing gins since 1761! G&J Distillers is part of the Quintessential Brands Group, and they have an amazing selection of gins.

Their 7th Master Distiller is the very talented, Joanne Moore. Joanne is one of the world’s first female Master Distillers, and internationally revered expert in the gin industry.

The Gin is of an enticing pink colour and tastes flowery, very fresh, not overly sweet.

Aroma: Distinctive aromas of jasmine flowers and rose petals, combining to create a beautifully floral and earthy fragrance.

Taste: Smooth, sophisticated with a touch of sweetness, complemented by floral notes that add a rich complexity elevating this above other pink gins.

Recommended serve: Best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic water, and garnished with blackberries and mint.

70cl / 40% Vol.

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