Fever Tree Naturally Light Elderflower Tonic


This delicious mixer has the delicately sweet scent of elderflower is balanced by the soft bitterness of tonic flavours. Makes a summery twist to the classic G&T (add a slice each of lemon and cucumber), or is just as good on its own as a classy soft drink. Also try the extremely refreshing Elderflower Fizz, with Vodka, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water, plenty of ice and a couple of slices of cucumber.

Made with hand-picked blossoms from a small farm in Gloucestershire, natural sugar, spring water from a source in rural Staffordshire and quinine from a plantation on the Rwanda/Congo border that produces the purest tonic ingredients in the world. Natural sugar makes for a fuller mouth-feel and none of the cloying aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. This, along with smaller bubbles, means that Fever-Tree drinks stay fizzy for longer – crucial when mixing them with spirits.

We paired this with Tarquin’s Gin in one of our members’ boxes.


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