Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin


For almost 250 years, traditional gin enthusiasts have loved Greenall’s Gin, and now there is a Wild Berry edition! The inspiration for Greenall’s Wild Berry comes from blackberries growing in English hedgerows. Combined with raspberries, this pink gin that is perfect for summer.

Greenalls Wild Berry Gin is created by infusing blackberries and raspberries together with Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin. The infusion for Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin takes place after distillation. A hint of raspberry and blackberry flavours are added to the liquid. This means there is a fruity touch to the gin which is not too sweet, but very well balanced.

Tasting notes: Crisp and slightly sweet. An initial taste of juniper and citrus, then wild berries along with a mild peppery finish.

Recommended serve: ice, premium tonic water, with a garnish of raspberries & blackberries.

70cl / 37.50% Vol.

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