Malfy Con Arancia Gin


MALFY is made at Torino Distillati, a family owned distillery in the town of Moncalieri minutes away from Turin.

Distilled with Sicilian blood oranges and Italian juniper, this tastes like a burst of sunshine! Sicilian Blood Oranges have a unique flavour profile compared to other oranges, being distinctly raspberry-like in addition to the usual citrus notes. The Blood Orange peels are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless tell vacuum still.

Tasting notes: Juicy fresh orange, with a rich long juniper finish.

Recommended serve: Mix a solid measure of Malfy Con Arancia (which in Italian means around 65ml) with Premium Tonic water in a ice filled highball glass. Garnish with a fresh wedge of orange.

70cl / 41% Vol.

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