The London Essence Company Classic Tonic 150ml Cans (Box of 24)


By steeping juniper berries for up to a week prior to distillation, we are able to capture the full range of the juniper aromatics into an essence. Our Classic London Tonic features our signature distilled juniper essence, and delivers a premium offering that is designed to perfectly enhance the main feature of the drink, the spirit. The juniper note allows the elegance of your chosen tipple to seep through, aided by a delicate level of sweetness. As unlike many other premium tonics, our collection is delicately light and low in calories, with just a dusting of natural sugar. The aroma is that of pine with citrus notes. The taste? A combination of zesty lemon and lime peel combined with fresh pine, thyme and a juniper finish.

Sparkling Water, Pure Fructose, Flavourings (Natural Citrus Flavourings, Natural Flavouring, Juniper Distillate, Quinine), Acid (Citric Acid)

We paired this with Panda and JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gins in one of our¬†members’ boxes

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