Wessex Alfred The Great Gin


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Wessex is a family-run distillery based in the heart of the Surrey Hills. All their gins are created in the 240-litre copper pot still named Toby, after the family’s Grandma. The family create smooth, clean and flavoursome gins. To achieve this they have carefully chosen all their botanicals.

The Wessex logo features a Wyvern which is the symbol of Wessex and it wraps around the iconic Wessex Gin goblet . This gives a true feeling of heritage.The unique bottle shape is expertly made, taking inspiration from ancient potion bottles with cork stoppers and jewelled colours.

The Clark family at Wessex Distillery has developed a classic and exceptionally smooth gin in honour of Alfred the first King of England known to be ‘The Truth Teller.’ It contains a precise balance of core botanicals, with a strong initial thump of juniper, followed by enlightening coriander and lively citrus endnotes. ABV – 41.3%


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