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Regency Tonic will complement your gin!

We love trying new tonics and we know you do too! Regency Tonic is low in sugar so you can taste your gin…

The Story

Regency Tonic was founded in Sussex in 2016 by Charles Osborne and Richard Keeling, who shared a passion for gin but were left disappointed by the tonic waters they could mix with it.

With a background in the wine industry, Rich says of their approach to tonic:

We believe that when paying a premium for a spirit, you should be able to taste the nuances of a master distiller’s craft by pairing it with a mixer that complements rather than overpowers it. You won’t find any fruit flavoured tonics in our range!

As a result they have created a very dry, low sugar tonic that lets you #TasteYourGin. Their ambition is to develop a range of tonics with subtle flavours that complement rather than overpower the spirits they are mixed with.

The team work only with natural flavours and have also started exploring sugar alternatives in a further quest to reduce the calorie count in their favourite cocktails.


The Tonic Water – Regency Tonic Blue

The result of over 30 recipe iterations and feedback from leading mixologists, their signature mixer
is Regency Tonic Blue!

A distinctively dry tonic water that is very low in sugar with just 32 kcal per 200ml bottle, the recipe has been crafted to complement the complex flavours of premium spirits.

This tonic pairs particularly well with strong and complex gins – especially those with fruit, herb or spice flavours. It also works well with drier spirits, producing super a super dry drink almost akin to a ‘long martini’.



Regency Tonic Top Tips!

Regency Tonic is quite different to other tonic waters you might have tasted – it’s dry and delicate, so your G&Ts will benefit from heeding the following advice:

1. Go easy on the ice – a lower sugar tonic needs much less ice to avoid drowning that delicate concoction – a cube or two should be plenty, or better still chill your glass, pop the spirits in the freezer and forego the frozen water altogether!

2. Pick good glasses – with less syrupy sugar to hold in the bubbles, a taller glass will keep your G&T fresh and fizzy for longer – that’s why champagne flutes are our personal favourites

3. Don’t drown that gin – add Regency Tonic a little at a time, ensuring you can really savour all the complex flavours in that delicious gin you’re drinking


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  • sharon1 July 30, 2019   Reply →

    Hello! Thank you for my continued yummy gins and interesting tonics. I am normally extremely happy to the point where you have never heard a peep out of me. However, I have just opened the Blue Regency gin and for the first time ever…! Oh my, I really don’t like it! Sorry, it tastes like washing up liquid. I couldn’t find another way to give feedback, I hope this is OK. Thank you for all you do!

    • Holly The Gintern July 31, 2019   Reply →

      Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy one of the tonics this month, but so glad you have been enjoying your G&Ts with us so far 🙂

      We hope you enjoy nexts months choices! I have dropped you an email too.


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