Slingsby Blackberry Gin is delicious!

Slingsby Gin was named after William Slingsby, who in 1571 discovered unique properties in the water of Harrogate’s Tewit Well. Slingsby was created with the desire to restore the ‘Spirit of Harrogate’! Like all Slingsby’s flavoured gins, Slingsby Blackberry Gin had been sampled by customers through their instore Kilner jars, and after receiving such positive feedback, they decided to launch it as their newest fruit-flavoured gin!

The Story

Slingsby’s London Dry Gin was launched in 2015 by the Spirit of Harrogate. The company started producing award-winning gins and vodka, and now offer a whole range of spirits, as well as having their own flagship store and gin experience in Harrogate!

Since William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water, people have visited the picturesque Yorkshire town. Inspired by this story, founders Marcus Black and Mike Carthy embarked on an adventure and Slingsby Gin has captured the ‘Spirit of Harrogate’.


To create their amazing gin, the team made sure the recipe was perfect! They had 18 different variants of the gin and 15 months of development!


If you pay a visit to the wonderful Spirit of Harrogate store you can try a whole range of development gins. They have had an array of flavours from elderberry, mulberry, to Yorkshire Rhubarb. It may have started as a Limited Edition, but their award-winning Yorkshire Rhubarb gin is now a firm favourite of their range!

The Gins

To make Slingsby Gin, a lot of care goes in to the process! They expertly combine Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit and their carefully selected botanicals which is then masterfully finished in North Yorkshire.


Slingsby London Dry Gin

Slingbsy Gin has 24 botanicals including hand-grown local plants synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate. These include primrose, sweet cicely, nettle, rhubarb, milk thistle, rosehip and Taylors of Harrogate green and jasmine tea. 12 of these botanicals are sourced from the kitchen garden at Rudding Park hotel in Harrogate.

Perfect Serve: on ice with premium tonic water and a twist of grapefruit peel and fresh blueberries.





Slingsby Navy Strength Gin

This Navy Strength Gin uses the same botanical mix as Slingsby classic London Dry Gin. However stronger and richer with an ABV of 57%, this creates an intensity whilst still retaining our classically smooth finish.

Perfect Serve: on ice with premium tonic water and a wedge of pink grapefruit.









Slingsby Blackberry Gin

Slingbsy Blackberry Gin has initial floral hints of violet followed by rich blackberry jam notes. The result is a bright, fruity and refreshing gin with a beautifully sweet finish and a well-rounded mouthfeel

Perfect Serve: on ice with Mediterranean tonic water or lemonade and garnish with fresh blackberries.






Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin

The rhubarb in Slingsby Yorkshire Rhurbarb gin is sourced from Oldroyd’s farm in Wakefield which is part of the world famous ‘Rhubarb triangle’! Using their award-winning London Dry Gin as a base, a separate Rhubarb distillate is added. It’s delicious!

Perfect Serve: on ice with premium tonic water and garnish with fresh raspberries.





Slingsby Yorkshire Gooseberry Gin

Slingsby Gooseberry gin is crafted using the world-famous Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals synonymous with the restorative nature of the town. Yorkshire gooseberries bring an unmistakable tangy sharpness, tempered with a fruity sweetness whilst retaining the classic citrus notes of their classic award-winning London Dry Gin.

Tasting notes: An initial burst of refreshing citrus from the grapefruit base leads to an unmistakable tangy sharpness from fresh Yorkshire gooseberries, tempered with a sweet and fruity finish.

Perfect Serve: on ice with premium tonic water and a garnish of fresh apple slices


If you would like to learn more about Slingsby Gin head the the Spirit of Harrogate website


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