The Story of 6 O’clock Gin

Those of you lucky enough to be in the first 250 members from last month, I hope you enjoyed our first ever monthly G&T box! This month we have teamed up with Bramley and Gage to bring you 6 O’clock gins. Each kit will feature a miniature strikingly smooth London Dry Gin and a miniature of their delicious Sloe Gin.

Here’s a little more about Bramley and Gage and the history of 6 O’clock gin.


Bramley and Gage started making gin liqueurs over 20 years ago on their farm in south Devon. The lessons they learnt from growing fruit still guide their production today; from letting it ripen fully and naturally on the bush, to using only the varieties that give the best flavour.

6 o'clock distilleryStill a family run business but now onto the second generation, they have relocated to Gloucestershire and still make all the products by hand using real whole fruit that is sourced as locally as possible.

6 O’clock – the ultimate Gin O’clock gin! Its a delicious London dry Gin, the smooth clean taste is a direct result of their unique copper double sphere head still, distillers craft and the balance of botanicals they use.

6 O’clock Sloe Gin is made in small batches using handpicked, wild, hedgerow sloes. The intense fruit flavour of this traditional classic is achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, plenty of sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing for at least 6 months.


The Perfect Serves

London Classic “Gin O’Clock” G&T:

  • 25ml 6 O’clock London Dry Gin
  • 40-75ml Peter Spanton No 1 London Tonic
  • garnish – a wheel of lemon


Sloe and Tonic:

  • 25ml 6 O’clock Sloe Gin
  • 40-75ml Peter Spanton No 9 Cardamom Tonic
  • garnish – none needed

If you are a gin fan or particularly enjoy 6 o’clock then why not visit their distillery for a ginspirational evening.

If you fancy trying these gins at home, then why not become a member?


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