The Story of Jensen’s Gin

We’re thrilled to announce that Jensen’s Gin will be the first gin to feature in our I Love Gin club box at the end of this month alongside BTW Tonic Water!

jensens bermondsey dryThe Story

Christian Jensen, a banking IT specialist, was working in Tokyo and came across a hidden bar serving a “Naked Martini” – just London Dry gin and a twist of lime. Jensen enjoyed the drink so much he regularly returned to the bar during his stay, and on his last visit before returning to London he was presented with a bottle of the gin by the owner. This gin was no longer in production, and the brand on the label was illegible. Jensen made it his personal mission to find or recreate his new favourite spirit when he was back in London.


After over 15 trial distillations with Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers in Clapham, and a number of pages photographed from old recipe books from the public records office, they had created a gin that accurately reflected the original. Jensen bought 800 cases to enjoy himself, give to friends and sell to local bars so that he could enjoy his favourite Martini as often as he liked. 10 years on, he now owns a distillery in an railway arch in Bermondsey, London, which also produced an Old Tom gin made to the same classic recipes found in the public records office.


The Old Tom gin uniquely uses no sugar in the distillation process. Only sweet botanicals, although it tastes far drier than most modern Old Tom gins. Eucalyptus, green vegetable notes and woody liquorice are the flavours, with piny juniper, parma violet, zesty orange and tea on the nose.


The Bermondsey Dry is a clean, very mixable gin, with piney juniper, parma violet, lavender, coriander and citrus flavours on the nose, and a similar taste with the addition of nutty almond notes and a liquorice finish.


So there’s really nothing new about Jensen’s, and that’s why it’s different. Distilled in Bermondsey, London, Jensen’s is gin as it was. Gin as it should be.

The box

Each I Love Gin box will feature a 50ml bottle of Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry Gin and 50ml of Jensen’s Old Tom Gin.


We have limited number of boxes this month but sign up here to guarantee you get one of our first!

Our 1st box


The Perfect Serve

The key to the perfect G&T is ice! You want a very cold drink made in a chilled glass with plenty of large ice cubes. You also need to ensure you have a large glass to make it in – ideally a pre-chilled ‘copa’ glass.


Bermondsey Classic:

25ml Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry

40-75ml Bermondsey tonic water

garnish – a thin wheel of lemon


Bermondsey Tom:

25ml Jensen’s Old Tom

40-75ml Bermondsey Tonic Water

garnish – sprig of rosemary (or lemon wheel)


First measure and pour the gin into your large chilled glass filled with ice. Then measure and pour the tonic down the side of the glass, taking care not to create too much fizz Start with the smaller amount of tonic and add more to taste, then add your garnish.


Another round? 

For a beautifully floral G&T try Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry with Rose Lemonade (e.g Fentimans) and a slice of lemon.


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