World Gin Day Gin

Have You Heard of World Gin Day Gin!?

What better way to celebrate the best day of the year (in our minds anyway!), that is World Gin Day, than with a beautiful bottle of gin made especially celebrate the day!

On Saturday 10th June over 100 events will be happening all over the world in bars, hotels and other venues to celebrate #WorldGinDay, and the creator of this wonderful day Emma Stokes (aka Gin Monkey) have teamed up with That Boutique-y Gin Company to create the unique “World Gin Day 7 Continents Gin”. it features a single botanical from each continent. So from Europe, the classic (and required) Juniper is added, followed by North American Angelica Root, Asian Cinnamon, African Liquorice Root, Australian Coriander Seed and South American Lime Zest. The gin is then treated to one final pinch of Antartic sea salt!

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World Gin Day Events

10 Things To Do on World Gin Day

World Gin Day is on the Saturday 10th June and to celebrate we’ve looked through everything that is going on and picked the highlights we think you’ll love! Of course, there are lots more events going on so if something doesn’t take your fancy check out the full list here

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What to do on World Gin Day 2016

Saturday 11th June is our favourite day of the year not only is the Queens Birthday celebrated but – its’ World Gin Day and to celebrate we will be at the World Gin Day event at the Space Centre in Leicester. Please do come along and see what we are about – we will be selling a limited number of our first kits as well as some delicious G&Ts.

Here’s a little more about the event and also what else is on in the UK if you can’t make it to Leicester.


World Gin Day – Space Centre (Leicester, UK)Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 13.11.25

In short, this is a day for everyone and anyone (over the drinking age of course…!) to celebrate and enjoy gin! Whether you’re already a fan of the juniper spirit, or looking for an intro, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved. Check out who’s going to be there and come along and celebrate the ginniest of gin events with us.

Alternatively try and pop along to any one of the events below to sip on

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